Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tug Work

Take a look at this scene of the city's working waterfront. It's that age old story, to be successful in an endeavor, even the biggest and strongest often need help from the little guy. It echoes a favorite moralistic tale from childhood: The Little Engine That Could and the famous refrain "I think I can- I think I can". I'm grinning now. Recently, I came across a Far Side comic with a little engine off to the side by a building with the caption: "I thought I could- I thought I could". hahahaha! But that story is for another day. Always try to keep it positive and upbeat, even in trying times.
ps. Happy Birthday to brother-in-law B- today, way over on the 'left coast'. Have a wonderful day my friend! If I was you, I'd take a cool, early morning ride on the bike of yours.


  1. Did bro-in-law request a birthday week? Whether a week or a day, hope it's a good one for him out there on the other coast.

  2. Brattcat, we've already been informed that he working on a Birthday Month, as the Birthday Week is getting old for him. Apparently he's the inventor of Birthday Week.
    Happy Birthday Sweet B.

  3. I hope that today is better than the last few days have been for you. Interesting how these two posts of yours identify two important aspects of our existence: life and death. Each one has always had a profound effect on me. I read the newspaper article about your friend's death. She really was a remarkable woman and your sadness is understandable.

  4. Happy Birthday to our wonderful b-i-l, B!!!
    See you in two weeks!! J in two days!! Wowza!

    Florida Checks In!

  5. I like this shot. Your story brought back memories from when my son was 3 and he used to say repeat the little engine story over and over without the book - nice thoughts.
    I'm sorry to hear about your sad news. I wish you peace.