Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Youth vs Age

I'm sure you've seen them. These athletic t-shirts are all the backs of teens these days. At thirteen, they're living the dream. Some days I wonder if they even understand what the words they carry on their backs mean. Are these coaching moments gone bad? Are these as innocent as walking around sporting a Mickey Mouse or Hello Kitty t-shirt? Sometimes I have to stop and take stock. Ah... kids today! Risk Everything; Fear Nothing; Live No Regrets. By now, most of us have learned that as adulthood dawns this philosophy becomes a recipe for disaster. Piggybacking on yesterday's post of 'coulda, woulda, shoulda', I remember those soothing words of advice I got many times from that wonderful philosopher Bea, when my 'best laid plans' went array.
"Don't worry. In the long run, everything works out for the best."

They have served me well. No Regrets!


  1. my aunt taught me that before giving someone advice first wait to be asked and when asked think once, think twice, and still hold your tongue if possible.

  2. I think the two most annoying T shirt logos I've seen lately are 'keep it real', what the!!! and 'too easy', it never is...

  3. You have become very philosophic of late. I need to think about this a bit more...

  4. Once I bought a t-shirt for my adult son that said, "Normal is boring." It fit him perfectly :)

  5. Well, at least it's in your language...sometimes kids here wear shirts with English words that I'm certain they would never wear if translated to Japanese. haha! But then, I was unstoppable (or so I thought) in high school too so I can't really say anything :D
    Very curious to hear what you were like in high school! hehe.

  6. Oh this post reminded me of this song:

  7. I would love to have a T shirt with the words "no allergies".
    ** I also got an awful cold these days :(
    Great shot and words there! :)

  8. I think when philosophy can be reduced to a T-shirt it is meaningless. Consider the following:

    To be is to do. - Socrates
    To do is to be. - Sartre
    Scoobie doobie do. -Sinatra

  9. I always say "it all works out" and it usually does one way or another!

  10. I think one of the garden-of-eden aspects of childhood is that you really do believe this, for a few short years.

    (Your blogger version is having issues w/my version. So comment is anon, but this is altadenahiker.)

  11. Things, oddly enough, do have a way of working out for the best.

  12. If they fear nothing and live with complete abandon, young people run a risk of not reaching the "age" part of the equation. I can remember lots of dumb stuff I did that could have had really bad consequences.

  13. An important message, easy to spot!

  14. I have to agree with you. It reminds me of my favorite curse: "May you live in interesting times." Give me boring any day.

  15. No Limits
    No Excuses
    No Mercy
    Run Flat Out

    Mark Donahue 1937-1975