Saturday, September 19, 2009


These small training skiffs are ready to roll at the Portland Yacht Sales marina. While walking along the water here, I spied a huge black and white cat walking along the railroad tracks. He let me walk right up to him, seemed pretty interested in me too, but as soon as the shutter clicked, he took off like fired from a rifle. We're cat people and have had quite a few: Wiz (Wizard), Micky (Mick Jagger), White Sox (white paws), Eclipse ( always have liked the sound of the word), and Nutmeg (liked saying the word and his coloration). Molly (unsinkable? Molly Brown... Titanic) and Sophie (she looks like a Sophie...princess) are with us now. They all have been wonderful family 'friends', have kept us company through long Maine winters and helped keep the 'critter population' down too. We have loved them all!

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  1. Great cat names. Nice shot. Did the cat go blur on you? That might make an interesting shot, too. Care to post it?