Monday, October 10, 2011

Just Win...

Just Win Baby!
Growing up I was a big football fan. High school, collegiate, pros, I watched them all. For a long time, the only game in town on Sundays was the NY Giants. I hated (ya, I know a strong word) them with a passion! I was so excited went a fledgling league AFL (American Football League) started up and based a team in Boston. The Boston Patriots became my team. Along with the Patriots, the original 8 teams were the Buffalo Bills, Dallas Texans, Houston Oilers, Denver Broncos, New York Titans, Los Angeles Chargers and the Oakland Raiders. I remember one game especially. Some friends of my Dad were leaving on a cruise from Boston. He agreed to drive them down on a Friday night, and I tagged along. Down and back we listened to the Oilers vs. the Patriots game played at the old Nickerson Field. Why for the life of me, do I remember THIS game? I have no idea. Now, why do I have football on my mind today? Al Davis, who died Saturday, was a commissioner, owner (Raiders), coach, general manager and probably the main reason the AFL made it back in 1960. If there's ever a Mt. Rushmore for the NFL, he should be on it for sure. His slogan for his 'Raidahs'... Just Win Baby!


  1. fan de foot us, je savais pas qu'Al Davis etait mort, avec les Raiders le spectacle etait toujours present (surtout dans les tribunes). Bonne continuite au club

  2. Wonder if he and Lombardi knew one another? Haven't checked dates or facts so I haven't put the two together or know of its possibility. Are you still a Patriots fan?

  3. Kate-
    Go Patriots! Does that answer your question? hahahahaha

  4. I enjoyed the AFL back in the day, too. I can remember standing at the portable TV set in my bedroom, changing the channel from the AFL to the NFL, trying to catch some of two games on at the same time. I don't remember at all who was playing, but I do remember being excited about having the chance to watch parts of two games at the same time!

  5. I understand nothing about football, but looks funny!Nice that you enjoy!

  6. You're so funny. But I like that you have passions and fight for them! It is also strange what things we remember from our youth...

  7. All I watch is Auburn football and lived in Neenah WI for an entire (frigid) winter and never saw the Packers play. Nice tribute Bird.

  8. Football is one of my favorite things about fall! That is a great slogan.

  9. One of my co-workers is a huge football fan and he always takes a day off of work on Monday, as with the time difference the superbowl here in Japan is Monday morning. I'm kind of excited for my Lions this year...never seen them do so well since...well, forever really.

  10. I grew up with 3 brothers and sports were always on in our house, My parents being from Kansas were Chiefs fans and we were in New Mexico as children, but always hailed the Chiefs. Now living in KC I am still a Chiefs fan and sure wish I had something to cheer about, well we won our second game this weekend. woohoo!

  11. I follow soccer hence am not familiar with american football!
    have fun!!

  12. Hi There, I was an Oiler fan --when I lived in Houston. Then they (and I) moved to TN.. Now I'm a Titans fan.. Unfortunately, my team didn't "Just Win, Baby"on yesterday. In fact, both of my teams (UT Vols and Titans) lost... GADS!!!!!

    My hubby liked the Patriots since he likes Brady. Brady graduated from George's favorite school, Michigan!!!

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    Gostei muito do seu blog... muito pessoal e criativo.

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  14. Thinking about the Boston Patriots playing at Nickerson field brings back some fond memories. My Dad, being a former college player, took my brother and I along to the early Patriots games. Not having a field of their own meant that we saw them play at Nickerson field (the old Boston Braves field), Fenway Park, Boston College Field, Harvard Stadium, and perhaps at another that I have forgotten. Great memories, thanks for prompting my memory via your blog.

  15. I went to a few Giants and Jets games when I but was young but I've lost the taste for football. Just to violent, smashing up the joints and brains of the players and then dumping them, But then baseball... The Cards are up 11 - 2 in the 7th as I write this.

  16. i love this pic it really brings out the better of football. :P