Saturday, October 16, 2010

Signs, Signs

Growing up art Morrill's Corner, there were six gas stations scattered about a short distance. The Sunoco, the Esso and the Shell stations all could be seen from my second floor bedroom on Stevens Avenue, and I had adventures connected to all of them. Further around the corner, just past Howard's Variety, you could have found a Texaco, an American and a Chevron. Six distinct brands in such a short proximity. Now, a Subway sandwich shop, a McDonald's, a Wok Inn, a lumber supply building and car wash have overtaken the neighborhood. At last look, one station remains where once six, proud, 'full service' islands stood. Few relics endure of a bygone time.


  1. Congratulations on a wonderful blog.

  2. But it's still 'fill 'er up', isn't it?

  3. 6 gas stations in short proximity, that's a lot of choice ! Max I have seen is 4 next to each other !

  4. I hadn't thought about that but, you are so right. The "full service" stations have disappeared. I remember the Mobile Station near my house in Illinois. I loved it's sign with the flying red horse.

    Brattcat's comment jogged more memories. I remember my dad always saying "fill er up". I also remember that gas was about 18 cents a gallon too.

  5. I like that kind of signs and the story you just told us. Not much different here, different shapes and signs, but the story sounds the same!

  6. Please tell me that you constructed your photo to show obsolete signs and the resulting necessity to take non-fueled transportation (the bikes).... because I think that you are a genius! Great composition and the colors just pop!

    The "fill er up" comment rings a bell with me also.

  7. Ah, but the signs linger on to help trigger the memories. Really good shot.

    p.s. loved your poem posted yesterday.

  8. Where do old signs go when they die?
    Put out to pasture like all of us will someday go, I suppose.
    Thanks for remembering a few oldies but goodies.

    Florida Checks In!

  9. One day maybe you'll see the golden arches there. Granted they're not as stylish as these.