Sunday, May 12, 2013

Tree Fork

They say a good friend is a friend for life.
Paul and I met in a 7th grade Confraternity class. We've been attached to some degree ever since. I really don't know how or why I came across this sheet metal birdhouse, but it rests up back in the fork of an small apple tree. Paul's dad owned a small sheet metal shop near Gorham. Paul worked there, and then took it over for a time when the old man retired. I got a kick out of it when Paul cut the back off of his old Corvair and replaced it with a sheetmetal back, that sort of resembled the rear of a van. When I worked at the cemetery, he often would show up mid-morning, find a quiet, isolated spot down back and sleep till 4 when I got off. My partner at work, Fillinger, who gave everybody at work unique nicknames, called him the 'covered wagon man', and of course it stuck. I must admit though; Paul could make anything out of that metal. When he cut the shop in half and built himself an apartment on one side, much of the furniture was fabricated out of that silver metal, like this small birdhouse. Looks like the roof is in need of a rivet or two. I'll get to that soon. Maybe this is a piece of his handiwork. I just can't recall where I picked it up. 

To all the mommies out there today, enjoy YOUR day!
Elenka, you are an amazing mom!
I think she wants to go to Ken's Place at Pine Point.
Can you say fried clams? 


  1. Thank you my Birdman!!

    I will be 'sayin' Clam Cakes this afta noon, byw.

    And then maybe a DQ?

    (sun, please come out....)

  2. The photo would make a good profile photo for you.

    Treat her well today, Birdman!!

  3. You'd better fix that roof. Those poor avian moms might get wet if it rains. I'll also bet that roof gets pretty hot in the sun...wouldn't it be funny to see a cat dancing on a hot tin roof?

  4. sweet day to elenka. :) i think your friend was very crafty.

  5. Nice shot! Enjoy your Clams.

  6. Looks like those birds "raised the roof." ;-)

  7. A unique artist, your friend! Enjoy the clams, I'm thinking you all are an "Amazing Family".

  8. Enjoy your day with Elenka. Those clams do sound tasty.

  9. It's hard to have a friend for life if you don't live all of your days in the same place. I have no idea what became of any of my elementary school friends. A couple of high school pals friended me on Facebook but we've never seen each other since. I have one college friend left in St. Louis but we rarely see each other.

  10. What a beautiful story...loved picturing the Covered Wagon Man napping, until you got off work, and everything else. And since I LOVE birds, the photo made it even better! Happy Mother's Day to your lady :) Fried clams...YUM.