Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Celebrate That

We celebrate lots of the large and important aspects of our lives. There are the birthdays, the graduations, the weddings, the births of babies and such that need to be benchmarked on our timelines. Recognizing the biggies is easy to do. Let us not forget to commemorate our small successes, our recoveries, our friendships and our families. These  martinis, downtown on an ordinary, showery summer afternoon, signaled nothing more the togetherness of two best friends and all the times they spend in each other's company. We must never forget to raise our glasses to these intricate pieces of our lives. We pass them everyday. Celebrate!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Welcome Back

If you ever lose track of me and need to find your way back, set your GPS to these coordinates. Bob of St. Louis Daily Photo http://saintlouismodaily
photo.blogspot.com/ did just that. Bob Crowe returned to Portland Saturday, and although we had never laid eyes on each other till 8:55 AM July 29, 2012, we enjoyed a wonderful couple of hours together. I picked him up at his hotel, and we headed to Bintliff's American Cafe, a favorite breakfast spot of mine. We settled at a table overlooking a wet Park Avenue and shared our lives over cups of coffee and breakfast. Bob decided on the homemade corned beef hash, and I the classic eggs benedict. After our repast, I took him for a quick overview of the city, up Congress Street to the Hill and Eastern Prom, then down to Commercial Street along the waterfront. I pointed out a few places he might want to stop later to get some shots, and if you check his blog today, you'll see that he did just that. We certainly crammed a lot into two hours. A tidbit that Bob revealed about me? Check out his picture today; Birdman without the ever-present bag. Can you believe it? His blog will be flooded with visits today! Hahahaha! Something about Bob? He has a way with people for sure. His comfortable nature is a plus for him in his quest of portraits of strangers. I saw it revealed when he struck up a conversation and photographed the woman with the 'novel' t-shirt also on his blog today. Thank you Bob! You taught me a lot about how to approach women, even when their husbands are sitting nearby!
Enjoy your week in Rockport!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Wedding Day

"No sooner met but they looked; No sooner looked but they loved; No sooner loved but they sighed; No sooner sighed but they asked one another the reason; No sooner knew the reason but they sought the remedy." 
 William Shakespeare

Happy Wedding Day
July 28, 2012
Tabitha and Hossein

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lunch Menu

What's on MY menu?
Got a busy weekend. Elenka arrived home last night at 11:30 after two weeks in Florida, a best friend gets married this afternoon and Sunday morning I'm meeting blogger Bob from St. Louis http://saintlouismodailyphoto.blogspot.com/ for breakfast. Now that's a full plate. Therefore I thought this photo was apropos to use today. And by the way, I was a good boy while Elenka was gone South on me- no fried food. As for the wedding, I'm speaking, offering some words of wisdom. Imagine that, me talking. I mentioned to a friend Alexis last night that I might get the jitters in front of 200. She reminded me though, "When have you ever seen a microphone and not fallen in love?" She's right again, you know. Now, meeting Bob tomorrow will be a treat. I love what he does on his blog, and we do have a few things in common: love of baseball, taught by Jesuits and not retired. Maybe I'll reveal to him the 'Top 10 Things Bloggers Want to Know About Birdman But Were Afraid To Ask' You never know.
What's YOUR question for me? 
What do you stay up nights pondering about the Bird? 
*No photos, please. Don't even ask!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Garden Birdbath

Everybody likes to make discoveries.  Sometimes they include finding a book that changes a life, or reconnecting with a long lost friend or relative. They can be quite simple.  Often, however, they entail grand expeditions half way around our planet, involving years and years of planning  and volumes of financial backing. I love the 'aha moments' in life, especially the ones that come out of the blue. A while ago I stumbled on a secret in my own backyard. Hundreds upon hundreds of people walk past the Longfellow House on Congress Street everyday. On this particular day the front gate was open, and so I took a stroll. I had never been out back of the house in all my years of passing it by. To tell you the truth, I never even knew there was a backyard to the old brick structure. It was my discovery: a secret garden basking in morning sunlight. Today's word for all of us is--- Discover!

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Summer's a fine time to allow yourself a bit of daydreaming. Get off to a special place with a book or just your thoughts. Maybe it's time for that bike ride along a wooden trail or a row on the glass of an early morning lake surface. Perhaps it's a bit more simple, just a walk after dinner with a friend or family pet. Summer's good time to do a lot of guilt trip free activities. It's a time to get a away and reinvigorate the creative juices. Believe it or not, I do a lot of my relaxing and creative thinking alone, just driving. Sometimes, I'll find myself venturing down familiar thoroughfares. At other times, I'll take odd turns and lose myself for a 20 minutes or so. Relaxation and how we each find it is a very strange bird. My suggestion for us all today? Get lost!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Isolation: I'd love to try. Could I survive though? Being by myself. I love it! I hate it! I have a dream of spending one year on an isolated island, just me and a lighthouse perhaps. I think I could survive, but I'm really not sure. Sheeesh! I've been basically alone since July 13th, and I've had my moments. Ya, there have been afternoons of music played at high volume, while I worked at something. Dinners with friends and other days of working on projects around the house have filled time. I've been alone before, but this has been the longest stretch. And I'm in no way experiencing anything close to isolation, but it has been lonely at times. Could I do it for 365 days in a row, without any human contact. I'd like to say I could. I'd honestly would like too give it a try. I think I could occupy my time, but mentally it would be a gigantic mountain to surmount. 
Could I give up a year of my life?
Could I be without family and friends?
Could I do it?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Chair Pile

What's going on here? I had to stop and take a closer look. Had there been a fire? Were they having a sale? Was the restaurant being redesigned? This scene, outside of Otto's Pizza, piqued my curiosity. This pizza joint is new to the city. If you like your pies a bit more than the cheese and pepperoni variety, then this place with choices like: apple bacon and red onion, spicy pork with scallion and herb, pulled pork and mango or zucchini, summer squash and spinach might pull you in. Enough of the menu, I  just know you want this mystery ended. Why the pile of chairs blocking the sidewalk on this sunny morning? Answer? They were having their floor sanded in preparation for a couple of coats of polyurethane. By the way, that reminds me, I've got a kitchen floor that needs some attention. Guilt trip!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Gray Sunset

The porch was getting dark and the sky was graying over as the movie flickered to life. Mid-week I watched the classic film noir Sunset Boulevard staring William Holden and Gloria Swanson. It's one of my all time movie favorites. I wanted to view it one more time before taking in the Maine State Music Theater musical adaptation yesterday with J-. For me the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical score was strong with "With One Look" and "As If We Never Said Goodbye", but there was no real  musical show-stopper. And when Denise Whelan's "Norma Desmond", the faded silent-fim star was off stage, the story paled. She gave a mighty strong performance. The set was magnificent, complete with the winding staircase as a centerpiece. Along with Norma, the two other lead actors, Joe, the down on his luck writer and butler Max were perfectly cast. They had to be to make this show work. The standing ovation was certainly well deserved. Best show of the season!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Studio Throw

This is a couch and a throw in a friend's studio. It's decorated sparsely, but I find it a very comfortable place to hang out. Now, when it comes to interior decorating, I'm not your man. I struggle a bit just looking for new furniture or even deciding on paint for walls, but luckily I live with a gal who seems to be able to see the 'big' picture. She knows what she wants and goes and gets it. Yes, she excels at the big, but her true strength seems to lie in the small touches. She is confident too. She never asks, she just makes the subtle changes around the house. For me, it becomes a game of wonder, as I stumble upon changes. Additions all. A basket here, a bottle with flowers here, a stack of books here, a plate rescued from a garage sale, or a lamp on the porch with a string of little lights entwined, they all seem to at to the essence of this dated farmhouse. I guess we all have our strengths. Oh me? Well, I ain't braggin' much, but I think I might have taught one of our cats to talk this summer. What have you been up to?

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Available Seating

What do they say about life? Try anything once?Although it has been held rain or shine, almost in my backyard every mid-July since 1964, I've been in attendance, till yesterday, a grand total of zero times. By the end of the weekend, sponsors say, close to 100,000 visitors will stroll the streets of the Yarmouth Clam Festival. Finally, yesterday, I agreed to tag along with my brother and his lovely wife and take in the sights and sounds. Whether it was walking among the hundreds of craft and art booths, checking out the used book and garage sale items, sitting back and taking in the varied musical choices,  or EATING, there was lots to occupy the hours. You probably want to know how the fried clams were (if I was on a deserted island and had one last meal...). Believe it or not, I had a wicked hankering for the Italian sausage with peppers and onions. Nuff said! Of course the highlight of the first day was the festive parade. We were long gone by then, but you can see by the photo that many had their chairs out already. Some of these chairs had been in place for weeks. Yes, that was not a typo. Weeks! Why? You'll have to ask others this question. Do you have a preference for seating?


Friday, July 20, 2012

Tall Weeds

Some call them flowers; I call 'em wild weeds. Flower or weed: Queen Anne's Lace is delicate and beautiful. I'm posting this image today, because these are the tallest ones I have ever seen.  This particular morning these beauties, topping off at about 5 feet tall, were gently swaying in a smooth breeze and bright sunshine. It was fun to stumble upon this 'find'. Walking in a field of wildflowers and such always brings forth a very distinctive aroma, especially on very warm days. It takes me back to wide-open spaces of younger days. What aroma takes you back?

Thursday, July 19, 2012


I get bored easily. I don't play a lot of games. I've tried many, but lose interest fast. Don't read me wrong on this. I can have a lot of fun with friends playing Trivial Pursuit once in a  while. At Christmas, before dinner, Apples to Apples was the game of choice. We all  laughed, joked and had hours of great fun.  Sometimes I feel guilty. I'm a guy. Shouldn't I be playing poker with the guys on Friday nights and heading to Foxwoods and raking in the big bucks? In college, I played Hearts, almost nonstop it seemed. Now? Who will play? Sudoku? Are you kidding me? Math and me? Lots of the younger set play video games constantly. Angry Birds? I guess I'm glad I'm older. I've been caught playing Scrabble with Elenka. She beats me EVERY game. Hey, I'm pretty good with language. What gives? I've played it on my iPhone and have done quite well winning. Probably beating the crap out of some 7 year old girl. Should I tackle Bridge? Chess? My grandfather taught me Cribbage at one time, and I really liked it. I've been asked by quite a few friends to join them in games of Words with Friends. Do I really want to go there? I better play it safe. Anyone for Candyland with Friends?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hey Hay

When left to my own devices, I sometimes do too much thinking. I even heard it from some sources(say Elenka) that their 'brain itches' sometimes. I've always made light of this fact, but now I'm thinking that there might be some relevancy to this seemingly funny aspect. When I'm left alone I'm up early, can get a bit lazy and get to wondering about stuff. Even the cats are getting a bit tired of all my questions. While I should be finding a pile of hay and lying about, I'm thinking... Why do I allow John Lester and the Sox to drive me crazy this summer? Why do media outlets that advertise themselves as 'fair and balanced' come off as anything but? Why, in this age of so much technology, do we still have utility poles and wires hanging all over that reek havoc after summer and winter storms? Why do we have to age? How many miles are there in the world? Why is it that I fear I will not be able to do all the things I want to do before I ride off into the sunset? I guess these are a few of the things that are making me 'itchy' this morning, and I know it's not this hay. Can you at least help me with one of these? I'd be much obliged, and it would allow me to get on to more pressing matters, like figuring out when the next season of Project Runway (say Heidi Klum) starts. See, I REALLY do too much thinking on my own, and these cats are no help at all!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Story Time

"...and the next morning when the guy got up to go to work, there was a bloody hook dangling from his car's door handle."

Ah, ghost stories. Sitting around a campfire or in our case in facing pup tents with a blanket  thrown over the top to keep the pesky mosquitoes out, when it got late and real dark these stories always came up. I even remember the night that the telling our tales got the better of George, and he raced home to the safe confines of his bed. The best part was when we took turns making up the scariest ones. Some nights we were so good, I have to admit, that we scared the living crap out of both tents, and we had to get up and take a walk through the neighborhood just to attempt to get our mind off them. And that 'hook story', as many times as I heard it in all its forms, still to this day gets to me. Kinda creepy!

ps. HBDay to brother-in-law B-, vacationing in Sun Valley , ID today.

Monday, July 16, 2012


There are mysterious happenings in this city. First there is the Valentine Bandit who plasters downtown shop windows with valentines on February 14. Then this spring the artwork Michael was 'yarn bombed', covered with an intricate design of colored yarn. Now this. 'Tomato bombs' have appeared around the city in the last week or so. They are tomato plants in spray painted buckets with a simple note that reads: 

"Hi, I an a heiloom tomato. You may see some of my siblings around town. We are here for you to enjoy. Please water me, care for me and watch me grow. When my tomatoes are ready, enjoy them. Please leave me in my spot so as many people as possible can enjoy them. Love Portland Paste"

Rumor has it that Portland Paste is an 'anonymous collection of artists, activists and troublemakers' and seems to have some connection to the Occupy Maine encampment of last fall in Lincoln Park. I can't imagine what will 'hit' this city next.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Let's get this on the table right off the bat. As soon as these two rode into town, they were trouble right from the start. Can't you tell? Look into those eyes. Mom and Dad had their hands full all right. Bang, bang, bang rang out throughout the house from this Christmas morning on. Yesterday was Bastille Day in France. The Bastille was stormed on 14 July 1789 and became a symbol of a rising country. When we got these outfits there was an uprising of sorts. And so today, as I rise early on my 29th birthday again, I look off towards the horizon and more adventures ahead for me. 
I'm excited!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Dock Fare

We took a brief sojourn back down Route 1 this week. This time it was to the Newagen Seaside Inn for a midweek break. We headed out Tuesday morning and stopped in Boothbay Harbor for lunch and a stop at a used book store. Later, after browsing  through a few shops, we headed off to locate the inn on Southport Island. Our room was on the first floor with a deck overlooking a wide expanse of lawn and pathways to the pool, gazebo and the water. We spent the afternoon at the pool, and later we returned to our room, grabbed some snacks and our bottle of Riesling and moved to the deck to watch the evening settle in. About 8:30 or so, we headed to the pub to sample their fare. Elenka had the crab cakes, and I settled for a caesar salad and a bowl of clam chowder (in joke- I added this for Marchin. He might want to post on his Facebook page today. hahaha). After a restful night sleep and fine complimentary breakfast, we took a stroll to the water's edge for some photographs and sat in the cool gazebo and read for awhile. After check out, it was back to Boothbay Harbor for dogs at the Wannawaf Hot Dog stand. We had heard about it and read quite a few reviews. Let's leave it at this-- it didn't disappoint. This brief, pre-birthday get-a-way was just what was needed, seeing as Elenka will be with her mom and dad in Florida for pretty much the rest of the month. So, heading to Maine this summer? Looking for a delightful, seaside inn with plenty to do? You might want look into the Newagen Seaside Inn on Southport Island and sample a taste of Maine.

Celebrity Alert- One time I was with with Mom and her sister Millie and we were having a lobster and clams on the deck at Robinson's Wharf, and Margaret Hamilton(wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz) strolled in. Mom said she had a summer place in Newagen. That was so cool!

Used Books

I've never met a bookstore I didn't want to spend some time in. I especially enjoy used books shops. I've stopped by this one at the Boothbay Harbor Memorial Library before and always seem to find a book or two. It drives Elenka  a bit crazy at times. "More books?" She'll say. "But they are only a quarter a piece," I echo back. By this time she is around the corner and gone. This time I even found her a book. She has always been intrigued by the Kennedy family mystique, and likes to take a look at any book that sheds lights on their lives.  So when I spied Times To Remember by Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, I knew I had to make this investment. I also picked up a couple for me too: a hardcover of Gone With the Wind (don't ask) and Iron John by Robert Bly (because I aways wanted to take a look at it. Any book that attempts to explain Men has got to be worth at least a look. hahaha). So I spent 15 minutes of my life here Tuesday, dropped 75 cents and eventually found my Elenka. And she only rolled her eyes once!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Country Road

My musical tastes are all over the map, but I never was or will be a big John Denver fan. I do though have a great affinity for back, country roads or the 'blue highways', as they are called by some. I enjoy how they take you in twists and turns way off the beaten path and miles and miles from where you want to be. There are many out there, but the bible we use when we are off on an 'adventure' is the Maine Atlas and Gazetteer. We are on our second copy. The first was destroyed by just sheer overuse. As they say, we wouldn't leave home without it. Whether its last week winding our way along 127 on Georgetown Island or just yesterday heading North on 27 towards Southport, it's a trusty companion that leads you back to the real world when you really must return, or at least to that 'to die for' hotdog stand that you know is on that road someplace. 
Country roads, gotta love 'em!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


This is a bit of leftovers from last week's short amble down Route 127, in the shower past Robin Hood Cove. After yesterday's post, let's take a zen moment and ... reflect! There, I feel a lot better and wiser already. Now, on to my next adventure. 

ps. Because there were questions, yesterday's post was of a wind chime up back that I've added an old spoon to for some added noise.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

All Me

Today, I'm revealing page 137 of my upcoming memoir. It's all about me in more ways then one.

I have a very good gal friend at work who every time I get rambunctious and start getting overly excited she will remind me, "It's NOT always about you!"
Ahem... excuse me but I beg to differ. It's always been about me. Now, I'm not saying this in a bad way, a braggadocio way at all. I know my place, and I'm in it. 

I talked with college roommate, Charlie, the other day. He's always good one to talk to, whether it's about collegiate friends who have passed, our families and their comings and goings or recalling a riotous journey down memory lane. Now, we lived together in Rochester for four years basically within 10 feet of each other. He might have some insight. 
I can't remember how it came up, but I think in our 45 minute call I might have uttered the words, "Let me tell you something about me." He answered something like, "Ya." I told him about my good friend and how she sometimes tries to 'restrain' me. 
I repeated what she says about me, "It's NOT always about you!" "Can you believe it?",  I said. All I heard on the other end was an endless, high-pitched laughter, going on and on . "Is it about me?" "Yup", was his refrain. "She doesn't know you at all!" 

Whether it was my devil costume at Halloween leading the guys from house to house into mischief, being the President of the Skeleton Club in our cellar, or my mastermind plan to 'get' Sister Joanne (my 6th Grade teacher) which decidedly ended my years at St. Joseph's School, it has always been a bit o' me. 

My sister from Oregon told me once, "You should have been a minister up front; you just talk and talk and talk. Or some of my friends I come in contact with  at work when they cry out, "Please shut up!" "Stop talking, and let us do what we have to do." At lunch at work, the women will be blushing; the men just shaking their heads, drinks coming out the corners of their mouths. Have I gotten in trouble? Can't say I haven't, but I receive and give it all with a smile, always have, always will.  

Elenka knows me a lot better than my family now, and she's got Charlie trumped by many years too. She gives a good argument and says, "You are NOT that type of person at all, in anyway shape or form." But we might be talking about apples and oranges here. I hate to get her upset. She must think I'm an angel or something.

I've been asked by many, "Why aren't you on Facebook?" Do I really HAVE to tell you? Would you really want me messin' with folks there? Ask some of my blog friends. Lowell, would you really want to see me there? Here's another thing my close friend at work always reminds me.
"YOU have NO filter!" She says I shouldn't go there.
My Facebook page would be ALL about me! But then again, aren't they all?
There, I rest my case! Your witness.

Monday, July 9, 2012

J's Day

Back in the mid-90's J- and I backpacked the Little Bigelow Mountain trail one weekend to 
the lean-to. It is a special place for us, because it is dedicated to a special friend Stephen B., tragically taken from us in a car accident in 1984. The lean-to was newly constructed then, and J- and I were eager to get up there and do some investigating. We had the site pretty much to ourselves, with only a few through-hikers on the Appalachian Trail passing. The night was uneventful, with only a few mice interrupting our restful sleep. The next morning, after breakfast, we signed the lean-to 'journal' (we both mentioned our special connection to the lean-to) and were on our way back down the mountain to the truck. We spent a short time on the shore of Flagstaff Lake, finding a funky piece of driftwood that we lugged home to Mom, and than we were back on the road home. Although short in duration, it was one of those special times in my life that I'll never forget. Dad and son together for a wilderness weekend.

Happy Birthday J-!   Enjoy your day... I know you will.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Green Grass

Somethings in life seem hard to get. You know, like this boulder with a close to perfect circle cut through it till you can see green grass. Others are easy to find and get. For example, if you wanted a nice blend of moody ballads and rockabilly tunes that blasted you back to the 50's, you should have been in Freeport last night. Before the skies burst open with a tremendous fireworks display, Chris Isaak entertained thousands in in his flashy aqua and rhinestone suit and his tight band. They've been playing together for 25 years, and it showed. He played his hits "Wicked Game", Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing", "Somebody's Crying", "Blue Hotel", "Dancin", "San Francisco Days" and from his new CD, Beyond the Sun, a bunch of iconic classics by legends Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis, Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash. In between he played and played and looked to be having a bunch of fun. There wasn't a dud in the mix. He even came out for his encore in his famous mirrorball suit, that resembles a disco ball with hundreds of square mirrors. All in all-- great music under the stars, and oh ya, it was FREE! Enjoyment that was easy to get!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Beach Dreams

Now, Disney probably would take issue with this, but for a kid and his buddies on this beautiful stretch of beach building a structure like this, well, it's what dreams are made of... sort of. I can only imagine that it must have been loads of fun constructing this beach lean-to of driftwood, dried seaweed and such. It had a neat opening on the other side and was big enough for 3-4 small ones to sit, swap stories and reveal untold family secrets. These are magical times.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Looking Up

We took a short road trip yesterday down Route 127 to Georgetown, Maine. You've perhaps heard of 'daily devotions'. Well, Elenka and I like to call short day trips like this our 'daily adventures'. Along the way we stopped off at Robin Hood Cove, took an extremely narrow loop road in a driving rain, stopped at the serene Five Islands Harbor for a respite and eventually made our final destination, the beach at Reid State Park. We spent most of the afternoon here watching some pretty amazing cloud formations work their way across the canvas above. We remarked to each other that the there has been some astonishing clouds the last few days. I'm sure the threat of thunderstorms and just the daily passing showers have been the prime culprits, but it's still pretty neat. It also gives you another activity to do on the sand when you tire of napping and people watching. Here the grassy dunes provide a pleasing backdrop for some late afternoon, fast-moving clouds.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Art Table

While their mom sweltered in the early morning heat of this Congress Street laundry, these two budding artists dabbled in some paint on a sunny sidewalk. I wonder. Is this how Elenka got her start, on a sidewalk in Newark? When I started venturing up the walkway, I thought for sure I had come upon a tea parry of sorts. I haven't seen one in quite a few years. Are they still in vogue?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fence Fourth

The fence in front of Henry Longfellow's house says it all. Happy Birthday to us! Congress Street, the main artery through the city, has flags hanging from most light poles and tonight at 9PM there will be the annual 'light show' on the Eastern Prom for those who love to wade through large crowds at the top of the Hill and enjoy experiencing a little traffic on your way home. There were between 50,000-60,000 up for it last year. This year, it's sure to be a bit louder in our state too. Why? The sale of fireworks, as of January 1, 2012, is legal in the state. Fun no longer has to be 'illegally imported' from neighboring state New Hampshire and beyond. So, emergency rooms at local hospitals, be on your toes.
Help! My finger was here a minute ago!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Color Action

Seaside Heights NJ, June 27, 3:53 PM.

Around and Around. Swooping up and down. All the while the loud, calliope-screeching music played. Every 15 seconds or so this mom and son came back around, into the bright sunshine then back, shuttling into the mysterious darkness of the tunnel of dreams. There's something about carnival life that draws me in, like Alice heading towards the rabbit hole. Maybe it's the sugary, pink cotton candy, the seemingly endless choice of rides or the faded curtained walls of fortune teller booths where ever you look. Or just maybe, let me see now. In a lifetime, far far removed from today, I was a drifting carney, who moved from town to town repairing and running the tilt-a-whirl, chasing dreams and finally settling down and marrying the 800 pound, tattooed lady in the freak show. Hey, there's got to be a reason I'm pulled with interest towards these places. Wait! I've got to go risk it all in the Fun House!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Prussian Floor

Here's a tile shot from the King of Prussia Mall, the largest shopping mall on the East Coast of the United States. Just standing at any of the many 'you are here' kiosks and surveying the categories of stores can be overwhelming, let alone attempting to stroll by the 400+ retail establishments. I must say in the last few years I think I've passed all the stores, some many times. Now, I'm not a big shopping guy, but when I'm on a quest, I can be relentless. This summer, I'm looking for a short-sleeved, black, button up the front shirt sans pockets. Easy. Right? Wrong, at least to my taste. Seems to me, all over the fashion trends these days for this designed shirt is with buttoned-down pockets. I want something a bit dressier. I'm feeling a bit like Don Quixote here on my own private quest, without my Sancho Panza. Will I find my 'Dulcinea'? Stay tuned.

Am I on a knight's quest or a fool's errand? Sometimes I wonder.

Guess I better call Heidi Klum.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Theme Day: Chimneys

Today, July 1, 2012 is Theme Day across the CDP(citydailyphoto) community. This is a photograph of one of the largest chimneys around. It's the main stack of the old SD Warren Paper Company. In my lifetime, it has been replaced a few of times and by the looks of it it looks like a new one is due soon. The new one goes up along side the old, gets working then the old one is taken down, section by section. It quite an endeavor that takes a few weeks to happen. Each time Nana and I walked to Cumberland Mills to the F.W. Woolworth Department Store to shop or Grampa and I drove anywhere in the city of Westbrook, this structure would loom over us. It was like 'big brother'; it seemed to be everywhere, watching us. And on certain days, under certain weather conditions, the stench could take your breath away. And that was not a good thing for man or beast. Now, if you enjoy the  constant aroma of cooking cabbage, you'd be in luck. Whew!