Friday, July 26, 2013

Back Trees

Well, this morning's steady rain has put a curveball into our plans. We were to be off to Boston aboard the Downeaster, Amtrak's train to Boston, and a day of adventure, gently meandering along the Rose Kennedy Greenway towards Faneuil Hall. It'll happen soon, just not today. Ever see a scene and say, "That would make an interesting picture?" We all have, many times. I'll then grab one of my cameras or my cell, fire away and the results come back less than spectacular. Let me set the scene on this one. This morning, amid the humid air at 6:30, I saw a wonderful image of: a rain soaked screendoor, driving grey rain and our back trees in the distance. It looked intriguing; it sounded inspiring. 
However, the results were less than satisfying!
What happened?
Well, at least I get to keep that stunning image and sound to myself.
It'll come around again.
I'll be waiting!


  1. sorry your plans got changed. i hate when i'm looking forward to something and then it's a no-go

  2. Its raining heavily here right now too Birdman..but it is winter and we need it, so its all good :)

  3. jealous for the rain - hoping to get some here, too, today!

  4. A really wondrous shot of the tree, all green and really big. I've got a tree shot I'm gonna post, too. Maybe I'll post it in your honor. :)

    And I must say you surprised me and got me all excited with your comment on Ocala what with all that talk about hot, soapy, sudsy gold diggers working at the car wash. If you want to feel the same way, go back to the comments and click on the "Ici" link in Olivier's comment. Don't tell Elenka I told you about this, though. OK?

  5. Sometimes those cameras do too much thinking for themselves. I like that nice big, green tree!

  6. Ahhhh, yes. Those shots that look so darned good in your head. And the camera just doesn't cut it. Sometimes I wish there were a way to download those through-the-eyes images.

    (Don't listen to Lowell. He's being a bad boy again and only wants to get you in trouble.)

  7. I haven't been on the greenway yet, or the high line in New York. I gotta get going!