Sunday, November 2, 2014

Boat Wrap

7 AM
This is not right!
It's November 2, and it spitting snow as I type this entry. There ought be a law! No snow until Thanksgiving. Well, I better thank my lucky stars. North of Bangor and Downeast they are getting anywheres from 6-12 inches of the white stuff. Hey, I'm still ridding leaves and moving wood. Maybe I better invest in one of these wraps for my entire yard. Perhaps I should construct a dome over our property, one that opens and closes depending on the sun and temperature.
Moving South is probably the way to go.
And I don't mean South Portland either!

This isn't funny anymore.
It's 10:30 AM, and it is not spitting.
It's SNOWing!
2:30 PM Power out!
Wind. Yuk.
4:55 PM Power back.
Patriots on.

*I know, Jack, Naples is very nice.


  1. texas?

    the kingfishers catch fish. :)

  2. You could put a dome over the entire city. Wait, you should write a book about a dome over an entire city in Maine. Maybe even make a television mini-series that goes on and on.

  3. I think I see Florida in your future. My friends in Chicago had snow there last Friday.

  4. It was the warmest halloween on record here - cold snap expected tomorrow though.

  5. Still 'springtime' here, but it is obviously dark at 5 PM...

  6. Lovely photo. Suggestion: please send some over. We didn't have one single snowflake last year and I'm ready for it.

    Sheeesh... an XVIIIth century cathedral reminding you of Disney????

  7. Yep. It's been cold and really windy here. Snow in the higher elevations. Hello November!

  8. It's beautifully sunny and 6˚C here in Toronto! I just got back from wandering about taking some pics.

  9. I've heard about all the snow in the east! I better check the weather for Michigan my old homeland. They usually are one of the states to get blasts of snow before most. Nice photo! -- barbara

  10. I do expect to see proof of this talk of snow!

  11. Snow and early sunset. Ugh! There's no hiding that November's here. This does mean, of course, that you'll have an early, delightful spring. Or that Jack is going to be insufferable as long as he's in Florida. What's your vote on that?

  12. Moving south sounds like a good idea, but you should try north Florida. We still have seasons here, but only get snow every 20 years or so and even then it doesn't stick.

  13. But snow is a wonderful and joyous and happy thing!

  14. We had snow in Kentucky. Crazy!

  15. Nice shot. My Broncos are losing but there is still time left.

  16. Friends in North Carolina, Tennessee and Illinois got snow. So far so good here. You could not get me to move south, but go ahead if you need to. I'll bet you would come back....snow and all.

  17. Photo looks very pleasant; hard to visualize snow altho it's inevitable. Going South and bcoming a snowbird is a very good idea!

  18. That view will look beautiful regardless of the weather. Thanks for visiting our blog.

    Greensboro Daily Photo

  19. Remember the lyrics from Camelot?

    A law was made a distant moon ago here:
    July and August cannot be too hot.
    And there's a legal limit to the snow here
    In Camelot.
    The winter is forbidden till December
    And exits March the second on the dot.
    By order, summer lingers through September
    In Camelot.

    But if you wait long enough, Portland may have beach resort property, frequented by the snowbirds from Labrador.

  20. Yes, Birdy, it was very cold yesterday. Naples set a record with a high of only 71, breaking the previous 1962 record of 75.


    (I saw the whole Patriots demolition of the Broncos in shorts, but I did put on a sweatshirt.)

  21. Well, we got hammered, and the no-power-thing is challenging when it's more than a few hours, but it sure is purty . . . xx