Thursday, October 29, 2009

Baxter Pines

Ah, high school football games in the fall. It's is rite of passage for most males. Well, at least in my neighborhood it was. This is a image of Baxter Pines behind Deering High School. It's a municipal grove and a bird sanctuary donated to the city by Percival Proctor Baxter, Governor from 1921-1924. Many a Saturday afternoon was spent cutting through these trees heading to Memorial Field. It was the most secretive approach to the holes we had dug, under the fence, the night before. Till we reached our high school years, this was how we accessed all Ram football games. I used to live for Saturdays, and in a lot of ways, I still do. Was I a bad boy?


  1. Oh, yeah! Bad boy...good photographer.

  2. No, I think you had lots of energy and wanted just FUN and JOY!
    A beautiful shot from a very nice place!