Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Thoughts while contemplating just about next to nothing-- For example, these gates block off an alleyway to back entrances to a couple of restaurants. In rain, sleet, snow, when I walk by I always see cooks, busboys and the like hanging out, having a smoke, but this afternoon nothing. Sunny day- nothing. Rain and fog- all kinds of hanger-ons. What gives? Maybe I'm just getting there at a bad time. And while I'm on the topic of gates, maybe some local theater production doing Dante's Inferno is looking for the 'Gates of Hell'. These might work! And really, I don't think Christo and Jeanne-Claude left these behind when they visited the city recently!


  1. They are in fact really thoughtfully designed and make a great composition, but you're right, they definitely are not Christo 'gates'.

  2. Not quite the Gates of Hell but close.

  3. Your photographs over the last week have been stunning. Such variety. And love the gates. Also, that low, close perspective of the railroad tracks and rocks really brings the viewer into the picture!