Friday, October 23, 2009


It's creeping up on All Hallows Eve, so in Maine that means the start of the end of the fall sports season. Is there a more intriguing fall sport? Cool goggles, colored sticks, orange balls, stupid songs and kilts? I first saw it played by the gals at the once Westbrook College. Their field was in the rear of the campus, along side the old Pine Grove Cemetery, adjacent to Evergreen. Fall afternoons, I'd stop by, often by myself, on my way home from Lincoln to take in some games. I think I might have been attracted by the screaming voices and the ringing sounds of those clashing sticks! The Western Maine Class A Final in Field Hockey is set for tomorrow-- Scarborough vs Cheverus. Ladies, let's get aggressive!


  1. I still don't know what sport it is! I do like the colorful sticks, though I imagine it'll still hurt if you get hit with one.

  2. tha way you said it makes it sound very inapropriot--