Thursday, October 22, 2009


These two dolphin frolic in the heart of the Old Port. The sculpture is in the courtyard of the old Milk Street Armory, now known as The Portland Regency Hotel and Spa. Besides working second jobs at Casco Bank at Morrill's Corner, Falmouth High School, and the Stevens Stevens Armory, Dad also worked here on Milk Street at the old armory. He often dragged me along to this downtown building on a weekend afternoon. He'd work, doing whatever, and I'd spend the two hours shooting hoops on the old squeaky floor gym. I never really knew why he wanted me with him here. Now, at the bank, high school and the armory up the street from our house, he'd put me right to work. Here though-- nothing. Company, I guess. Today, after an afternoon of fall rain, it smelled so wonderful here! Stop and smell the wet bricks!

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  1. The sound is different there, too, isn't it? I think, perhaps the way the buildings come together there creates a unique pocket of space. But I like to stand there and just listen.