Sunday, October 18, 2009


Whatca lookin' at? Never seen a seagull before? This guy was captured picking around the backside of Custom House Wharf the other day. In life, in the BIG plan, I guess they all serve a purpose, but I find this guy and his like a pretty disgusting lot. Am I bad because I feel this way? I hope not. And here's another reason-- I think I remember one of his distant relatives 'stealing' part of my dinner of fried clams one afternoon at the Clambake Restaurant at Pine Point, back many a year. Mess with my fried clams (my all time favorite food) and I have a long memory! Hahaha!


  1. Remember we saw a gull take an entire steak of a hibachi (remember those?) at a camp ground at Cape Hateras beach? Those folks were not too happy. They also screech way too much for no reason, doncha think?
    Sea Gulls are New England's pigeons....

  2. I once had one poop on my head. So they're not my favorite creatures, either.

  3. What was Jonathan Livingston Seagull thinking about?