Friday, March 20, 2009

Along the Saco

Serenity now! Serenity now! Spring comes to us this morning at 7:44 AM. Finally! Along the Saco River, the ice and snow is still around but disappearing fast. Canoes will soon replace the ice chunks floating just below the dam. Around our place, work gradually moves from stocking the wood stove to cleaning up the debris left behind by the winter's ice storms. There's not a lot but enough... to keep me busy. But it's spring, and that's a very good thing!


  1. Ah, yes, the miracle once again plays itself out here in the northeast. I love this shot of the widening channel. So full of awakening.

  2. The river runs over the falls and appears to be white cold from the arctic seeping yet it may only be a frozen spring!

    It flows from way up in the Canadian mountains at a point where no one recognizes it's source, so who really cares?

    Each and every molecule brings a grain of sand closer to the Sea, and helps the river form a smooth groove where life begins.

    Why does a Human want to prevent the granuals from traveling a thousand miles only to caught in the sifter that we call progress?

  3. Perfectly composed - that river guides your eye the whole way! And the contrast between light and dark is superb!

    Great photo, in other words!

  4. Change the colors and it sort of looks like a golf course, complete with fairway, rough, sand traps, and trees to lose your ball in.

  5. Like the golf reference.

  6. I was yelling the same thing.... out the window the other day..when it was snowing here.. in June! arrgghhh...!!