Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Looking out on a sunny afternoon via Maine Potters Market. This caught my wife's eye first..."Hey, look at that." She said. It has that holiday look to it. Spent the afternoon visiting shops up and down Exchange and then grabbed a big dish of Irish nachos at Bull Feeney's. D-lish! By the way, it's the ONLY lamb I can handle. You know, I'm a sensitive guy!


  1. I've looked out this same window and been delighted by this same view. Thanks for capturing it. And posting it. I've seen that big dish of Irish nachos. Someday maybe you'll take a photo of that and post it, too...it would be worth it.

  2. Interesting shot. Very lovely.

    BTW: Stanwood is a small town pop. 3500, elevation 5, in the NW corner of Snohomish County, Washington. It is almost surrounded by water. Skagit Bay on one side, Port Susan Bay on the other and the Stillaguamish River running through. I live about 12 miles north and east of the town up in the Pilchuck Tree farm about 1000ft elevation. Hilly country out here. anyway now you know more than you wanted to. LOL

    I have another blog called smallcityscenes of Stanwood. MB

  3. Thanks for your comment earlier today, Birdman. I've now caught up with all your shenanigans. Regrouping is tough.

  4. What's really cool is click on them and enlarge this photo you can even see the price tag!!
    Enlarged they seem like strange beings getting a kick out of... looking out at us!
    Love ya,