Friday, December 11, 2009

Up Hill

Been spending time a lot of time recently at doctors' offices. Next week, I'm heading in for a little procedure to clear a few things up. I'm upbeat and positive about it and can't wait to get into recovery mode. Thanks to all my family and friends' support-- they have greatly reduced the stress. I'm thinking 'happy thoughts' as Tinkerbell kept saying in Peter Pan. I guess I'm channeling my 'inner peter pan' this morning. Mom would be happy; she always said, "Will you ever grow up? Are you really Peter Pan?" My retort was always, "I hope not!" Here's a look, through glass, up the hill towards the crest at Congress Street from one of my doctor's offices.


  1. A beautiful view, Birdman. One I've never seen before. As for me, I do believe in fairies. I believe in Birdman, too. Here's to happy thoughts!

  2. It's a great view from that 7th floor, but everytime we're there, it's because someone is sick or something. So I have mixed feelings about that place....Good luck today.

  3. good luck with the procedure my man. As one who has spent too much time in doctor's offices this past year, I can say it is all about yer mental compass. Family, friends, faith, all helped me get through it. Stay positive!!!! God Bless.

  4. Think good thoughts, think good thoughts, think good thoughts...
    Think of all the photo ops!! The insights on hospital life! I- said he really liked the food!! Go figure!!
    Gotta love those johnnies!
    Love ya,