Wednesday, February 3, 2010


It's an early Sunday morning
and a run of
buildings creak an early song
at the corner voices muffled

amid the frozen numbers
locked away behind these scattered doors
are someone's dreams
once secure and reachable
now silent; there's privacy here
hidden forever.


  1. If only doors could talk... lots of character and history there! Cool!

  2. It's fun to imagine the characters who might pass in and out of those weathered doors.

  3. They are beautifully weathered!

  4. Doorway is what every artist needs to push through his creativity. Many stories to tell about your subject. :)

  5. Great character in these doors. They would have been perfect for CDPB theme day.

  6. Hey man, Bishop Street ...early 60's...

    ..Don't know how it all got started...I don't know what they do with their lives..
    ...We always did feel the same, we just saw it
    from a different point of view...

    -bob dylan-

  7. The weathering and peeling door is a delight as is that rather challenging step straight out! I also like the density of your text. However, I experienced an intense moment of delight when I noticed the green garden bags.

  8. Time and weather weren't kind to this door, and its owner didn't care.

  9. I love the distressed look conceptually but if that was my door, I would paint it gloss red like those in British townhouses.