Friday, December 14, 2012

Back Alley

Back alleys are always the source of some interesting sights. As they say sometimes, it's the reaction and not the main thrust that provides the excitement in life. I've taken photographs of this church spire and the surrounding buildings on State Street before, but I must say this angle, amid some rears of buildings is intriguing. I like the composition with some blue at the top. I always try to think composition when I bring the camera to the eye. Living with an artist, I guess I've been taught that... and not subtly all the time either. "What do I tell you, time and time again. When you put the Christmas lights in the window and move the curtains, turn around and look what you've done. What does it look like?" And when I'm taking a shot with people in it, "background, background, background..." And I listen. You know she's right. Almost all the time--- she tells me. Marriage: it's a wonderful thing! And, by the way, it too is all about composition


  1. Okay, that's a nice photo and your wife is very smart. But, sheesh, try to compose yourself! And have a great weekend. Composing, by the way, is better than decomposing!

  2. OMG LOL

    Yes, my dear, composition in life is very important. It's everywhere.

    I just taught composition to my kids at school. It's how things are arranged.

    It's a work of art.

    And marriage is a work of art as well. Realism, Absract, Impressionism, Expressionism and even Pop Art. It's all there.

    Now about those askew curtains and extension cords......

  3. Marriage has many elements, but abstract expressionism seems to fit the bill around here. Great post and commentary today. I've told you time and time again, listen to Elenka!!

  4. Wise Elenka, wise Birdman, beautifully composed.

  5. You are a smart man and it sounds like you are married to a wise woman.

  6. An ally can be a great place to explore. Nice shot.