Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bus Ride

Honestly, take a bus ride; roll the dice. At least that's my history. Sometimes, I never quite know where I'll end up. Most times, I'll end up sitting in an interesting spot. Here's a nice spot. Heading into the city, they had plans, complete with laughter and a replay of a family get-together yesterday. Peaceful right? Well, what you don't see are the two characters sitting next to me to the left, right behind these gals. Both were girls, I think. Although, one seemed to have more of a guy-thing going, if you get my drift. Both seemed to be about 20 and were gleefully sipping away on a bottle, sort of secreted away in a paper bag. The manchild was obnoxious, laughing away and making sly, silly little comments about these two young ladies. I was waiting, hoping, almost wishing for a little confrontation. The brunette looked like she could take care of her own in any cat fight. Alas, the ride was over way too soon and we were scattered about our lives. Oh, one last thing. These two both had interesting pairs of boots. Ya, I notice these things!


  1. Did you really mean boots....or was that a typo?
    I KNOW you notice things....

    1. boots! boots! boots! Come on. Really now. You know me better than this.

  2. I can feel the tension in the air just by looking at the photo.

  3. Yikes -- has civility disappeared on buses? -- barbara

  4. boots. ha ha! read the first comments above.

    you find subjects anywhere you go.

  5. Time to write the short story that's begging to be told. Somehow "boots" should be in the title.

  6. Now we all know why you ride buses. And it has nothing to do with boots, kid!

    Maybe one of them is Maid Marion?

  7. Yeah, you and I are old enough to remember Nancy Sinatra. Boots count.

    I must lack your sense of adventure - won't get on a bus unless I know exactly where it's going. We rode the bus a lot when we were in Seattle in October but I kept checking Google Maps on my phone to be sure I had the right one at the right corner at the right time.

  8. Quite a story, Birdman. I'll put my money on the one on the left, without even seeing the adversaries. A nice pair of . . . boots, huh? It is going to be frosty at home tonight.

  9. People watcher extraordinaire!! Very enjoyable post and comments Birdman!