Friday, January 31, 2014

Cold Five

"We're havin' a heat wave
A tropical heat wave..."

Marilyn Monroe sang it in "There's No Business Like Show Business", but she must have been singing it about the weather here in Maine this weekend. Last week it was solidly below 0° for most of the days. Brrrrrrr!  It's 23° F right now with Mercury headed up to towards 37° for tomorrow. I say to heck with that polar vortex! I love these weather guys. Where do they come up with this stuff? I've been around a bit, watch the weather most nights and have never, ever heard the term 'polar vortex' before last week. Classic stuff. I think they just make this crap up to impress us! And now, what's the deal on naming every storm. Names like Brutus, Caesar, Gandolf, Khan and Nemo have made the scene lately. That last batch of 2 1/2'' of brutal snow, that brought Atlanta to its knees, was named Leon. Nice. Have we gotten to the point that every bit of changing weather needs a catchy moniker? 
Hey, there's a fog bank coming in today. 
Call it Alice!
Thunderstorm headed our way soon?
Call it Xander!
Oh, a batch of heat lighting is coming this July?
Ah, say hi to Wanda!
Thanks Weather Channel!
I hear the Humidity Channel is coming soon.


  1. A little cranky about the weather today?

  2. I'm wondering what kind of weather you expected in Maine? Sheesh. You do know that Marilyn Monroe was a movie star and the movie in which she sang was not reality, right? Take a valium and go back to bed! :)

  3. That is what winter is for - freezing.

  4. I love your photo today! What should we name the heat wave? Maybe Charro would work!

  5. They do it to sell advertising...Catchy sells...scary sells too...I like your take on it, a letter to the editor is in order!

  6. Yeah. I am an old buzzard, too, and I never heard of a polar vortex before. It must be Obama's fault.

    H. P. Hood. They had a big farm at the top of the hill in the town I grew up in.

  7. All that naming of weather -- oy! Eez so stupido!