Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Gateway Seats

These colorful seats await passengers this summer at Portland's Ocean Gateway. The plan is for a summer of cruise ships to dock here carrying passengers with loaded wallets for the city and nearby busable sites like LL Bean and North Conway, NH. Until then, perhaps your daughter would like a scenic place to hold her wedding reception, or your company is looking for a fantastic venue for an end of the year celebration. If so, you might want to check the Gateway out. 
You up for cruising the Maritimes this October?
Bring your fleece.
I'll take the Caribbean in July with temperatures nestled in the 90s somewhere, thank you.


  1. I like the name of the Portland paper. Kind of optimistic, don't you think? :-)

  2. Cruise ships help the economy but some people feel they hurt the envrironment. Hope your area has strong pollution laws.

  3. I'd like to sail along Norway, around Lofoten Islands , and reach Lapland ..

  4. Did you notice there are only 3 blue seats but 4 of each other color. Blue is my favorite color. I feel cheated. I'm not going anywhere on a cruise. I like it fine right here in Ocala.

  5. So this Gateway is different from the Casco Bay Terminal, I gather. I find those big boats overwhelming to Portland's little harbor, so I'm not up on the develpments...I think Portland Head Light & the Greenbelt are sweet for weddings & such.

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