Thursday, May 29, 2014

Doo Time

Time to 'Doo' the garden.
When the end of May hits, it's garden time. We usually head off to Broadway Gardens for our supply of seedings. We make our way through all the greenhouses looking for strong, vibrant cucumber, squashes, pumpkin, peppers, lettuce and tomato plants. The remainder of our plot goes in with seeds. It's been a wet end of May, so it's been been a bit of a struggle getting everything in. We're close. We've tried planting earlier, but the soil, most years, just isn't warm enough, and one year an early May rain rotted all our seeds. An end of May planting using does the trick for us in this southern Maine climate. When the seedings are planted, we throw in a healthy dose of manure. In years past, it was a handful of a product called Moo Doo. As the early summer moves along, I'll spread some around the garden just for good measure. This year I'm using a couple of bags of something called Moo Plus. 
Don't ask me what makes it 'Plus'.
I have no idea.
I have been told to forget buying the store-bought manure.
Rely on the ol' 'Birdman Doo'.
There ALWAYS seems to be an ample supply of that around.


  1. I'm afraid to ask....what's Birdman doo?

  2. You sound like a very happy gardener.

  3. So in what size bags does the 'Birdman Doo' come in ..5, 10 or 30 kilo bags :) Get cracking Birdman :)

  4. When I was growing up in Illinois, we had a horse (actually my sister had the horse) and my dad used to give away the manure to people all over the neighborhood for their gardens. We had plenty for our garden. The vegetables grew like crazy and those were the best tasting tomatoes I've ever tasted.

  5. May 24 is the magic number for planting up here - and that is what I am off to do as soon as I visit a few blogs.

  6. Gosh, I have all of that Moo Doo right here in my backyard.....for free!

  7. Lots of healthy work putting in a garden. I used to always keep my fingers crossed that they would all be productive -- this usually worked. -- barbara

  8. Do you think I could make some money by picking up all the cow patties within 20 feet of our back gate and shipping them to Maine? Maybe we could meet halfway and I could save the shipping charges.