Friday, May 2, 2014

Gray Morning

It's a gray morning looking across towards the city from South Portland. That's the Casco Bay Bridge here on the left. It connects South Portland to Portland, and can be a large pain, if for example you're heading to the beaches and get caught mid-span when the drawbridge is up. For those commuters that travel over it a couple of times a day, it can be more of an issue. I can think of just maybe three or four times in my life that the bridge has had my vehicle at a standstill. Let's keep it that way. You can travel back and forth without going over this span, but you better add 15 minutes or so to your day.
I don't suffer from gephyrophobia.
So, I can give or take going over this overpass.


  1. We Americans are an impatient lot. I grew up in a city divided by a river and three bridges. Heard lots of frustrated voices during that time.

  2. Immature poets immitate; mature poets steal. (From T.S. Eliot.) And the word "peach," used as a verb, means to turn informer. Se the things I learn on your blog?

    I will confess that from time to time I probably groaned and maybe swore when caught in a traffic jam. But, let's step back and see what an accomplishment it has been to bridge rivers so that 99 percent of the time we can cross them, while before we could only look across and wish we were on the other side.

    1. Jack, I aim to please.
      ... and I had to chuckle at your comment. So true!

  3. Thank you for providing the term for the phobia dealing with fear of bridges. My wife's cousin suffers from it, and I never had a name before now. She will gladly drive 20 minutes out of the way to avoid a tall bridge. May you be spared from traffic jams on this bridge.

  4. i like the reddish/rust of the overpass to break up the gray.

  5. We don't have many bridges over water here in the desert but, we do have bridges over railroad tracks and dry river beds and even bridges over highways and other bridges. Traffic jams....we have plenty of those.

  6. I like that gentle curve of the bridge.

    We've got a lift bridge over the Canal here, for those pleasure boats too tall to normally pass under.

  7. Being a former SoPo'er, I got caught a gazillion times. I learned to bring a book, notebook & sketchbook with me, & learned to try to accept the situation of sitting still on a bridge while an appointment or a class was commencing...Interesting shot, what does the sign say.?

  8. Bridges don't bother me. I always loved watching the sailboats go under the drawbridge when we lived in the Annapolis, MD, area.