Friday, October 16, 2015

Weather Craps

My weather report--
Dark days are on the horizon.
Roll 'em!
Here's my view from up here. September brought us plenty of 80's and even some 90's here in countryside Maine. Our venture to Austin had us entrenched in the 90's just about everyday. Back here in October, we've had a 'can't complain' run of temperatures in the 70's and high 60's. What wrong with that? However, the real Maine October is settling in this weekend with highs of mid-50's or even high 40's, if we are lucky. The month usually brings a good amount of rainfall too, but the jury's still out on that. We've been dry all summer. Looking ahead? I've heard two recent winter predictions. The Old Farmers' Almanac went on record saying another tough winter is on our doorstep. Never been a big fan of that dossier though. It seems to be always off to me. I treat it like a Archie comic book from my youth. Just for chuckles; nothing more. Another prognostication, that I heard on the radio (ya, I still listen to it) this week, was trumpeting a mild stretch for January and February of 2016.
Can I dream?
Weather in this part of the world is a crap shoot.
See me in April.
I'll know for sure by them.
Roll the dice.
Come on. 
Gimme a 7 or 11, baby! 


  1. Your weather report is the same as Minnesota. Autumn is ablaze but I dread what's just on the horizon.

  2. Interesting weather report. Here in Kerala it did not rain much in the rainy season and now there is copious rain in the night with heavy thunder and lightning. Can't completely trust the weather because when I don't take the umbrella, it rains and when I take the umbrella it doesn't rain. Now I have become wise. I carry the umbrella all the time.

  3. Temperatures seem to drop here week after week as Autumn comes out in full force.

  4. I thought at one point that I had heard it would be warmer than normal this winter. I hope that is the case after last year's awful cold days!

  5. Yep, headed towards our coldest nights this weekend since last winter.

  6. I've been wondering when you would start to see the cool down hit. It's still pretty darn warm here but not as bad as August than heavens.

  7. Weather is a crap shoot no matter where you live. The house usually wins.

  8. I like the composition. Here, hurricaine Joaquin hit us (fortunatelly just as a tropical storm!) last weekend; then we had summer days again. However, rain and thunderstorms are expected tomorrow... Bloody weather!

  9. Looks a bit gloomy already. Our weather has been terrific and I expect that to continue for awhile. It seems, however, that El Nino is very strong and will bring weather surprises to many areas!

  10. We're close to freezing temps at night already and the past three days have been very gloomy...

  11. Rumour has it we're having snow here on the weekend.

  12. texas is dry. feel bad for bastrop getting burned again.

  13. I like this moody shot.
    It was 35 degrees here the other morning though the days are in the high 50s and into the 60s. Prognosticators are all over the map here.

  14. I really like your comparison of The Farmer's Almanac with Archie comics. It's perfect.

    As the old saying goes, everyone talks about the weather bu no one can do anything about it.

  15. Not so good lately, but quite good today!

  16. I see your 60's and 70's are gone. I saw Portlands temp today, 10/18/15, as a balmy 26 and the slopes are open in Vermont.

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