Thursday, January 16, 2014

Cookie Sprinkles

So, how did yesterday go for you?
This was my day.

Hump Day?
Stupid name, if you ask me. The day began a bit off. My bowtie would not cooperate. It kept falling apart at the last minute. Listen, I can do this. I know I can. Done it without help other times. I'm getting better at it. Blame it on the tie. Was not a happy camper! Off to work 10 minutes late (6:40 AM), causing me to fall behind those big, yellow modes of transportation. Got to my office. Lynda had the java made. My day's picking up. Hazelnut, morning coffee  washed down with these sprinkled cookies. 
Checked my mail. 
Did it go uphill or down from here? 
You decide.
Next, my printer jammed again. There are issues here.
Had a few visits from bosses. Congrats in order for that verb 'retire'.
Got a couple of hugs. I love hugs.
Checked my mail.
Wrote an ode to me and my Nikon. Ya, I do that sometimes. I needed that. Relatively smooth work day. No big issues needed my 'delicate touch'.
Checked my mail.
Read the morning paper, finally!
Obits? I'm still alive!
The afternoon was a bit hectic. I'm working on heading up production on a magazine. Lots of layout work but easily handled.
Wicked foggy driving home. The pea soup kind. 
Home free at 4PM, but still a long day.
Litterbox emptied. 
Woodbox loaded.
Woodstove lit.
Birdfeeders stocked
Checked my mail.
Elenka home.
Did I do anything wrong today? I'll know soon.
Fed cats.
Chicken pot pie for dinner. mmmmmmmm!
6-7 PM watched News. Ya, I still do it.
Made Cinnamon Raisin, Hazelnut, Oatmeal Cookies.
Remember the NYE resolution?
Electric blankets on.
Checked out the evening TV Guide to TCM. Nothing intrigued.
Enjoyed the last of the box of maple walnut ice cream.
Viewed ESPN.
Indiana's on, playing #3 Wisconsin. Go Hoosiers!
BIG upset... IU 75 Badgers 72.
Great game, very entertaining. 
Marchin texting me all night, the quarter by quarter results of battle of unbeatens in local B-ball.
'dogs down Scots 69-60. Sorry I missed it.
TV on. Remote in use. Caught 10 minutes of Dance Moms. Idiot TV.
Got the next day lunch together: leftover pot pie, iced tea and a clementine.
... and to think this all began with sprinkled cookies.

What do you think? Good day? Bad day?
How was yours?


  1. Without a doubt, a fine day, filled from beginning to end with activity, creativity, dedication, entertainment, all sprinkled with lots of love.

  2. Good list.
    FYI When he retires, that list is going to get longer!!

  3. Pretty busy day but sounds pleasant, Birdman. Retirement?! Soon? If it's in your immediate future, congratulations. Retirement Rocks (after the initial shock!). Like the sweet goodies that seem to naturally come your way. My day? It was pretty productive and pleasant since I scored a beautiful terrarium container at Goodwill for less than $5! Will design it today. Ended a little sour,tho. I was surprised at how angry I got at a dinner partner's unkind and insensitive comment about some students I used to teach. Surprising dear husband and man's uncomfortable spouse, I called him on it. Before the evening was over, he apologized which I accepted, but I am still VERY annoyed. Don't mess with a teacher who loves the kids she used to teach!!

  4. i don't like those metallic beads you call sprinkles, so i'd have had to delay my entire day to pick all those off. :)

  5. Here I fed my cat Luna and I also take peaceful naps with her! ;)
    You have such a busy life! Now go for a nap, you deserve it!

  6. Rainy day here, so I read a lot , wrote letters to friends , listened to the rain singing, cooked, blogged . Good day!

  7. Those silver bb's are hard on your teeth.
    They really are….no pun intended.

  8. It looks like a good day to me, no doubt about it. Getting kind of open about that retirement thing, aren't you? When is the date? And, let slip a bit about a magazine and layout . . . REAL details.

    When you are retired, you can spend even more time at the coffee shops you like, and more time wandering around with your camera, and more time reading. Good luck!

  9. You had you're ups and downs but I 'd day the big picture looks all good Birdman :)