Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hat Rack

Everyone has got to find a place to hang their hat. Apparently, amid piles of lobster traps, this guy did.

When off to Western New York to spend my college years, most spring breaks were spent back home with my family. I never really thought about heading to warmer climes. Sure, there were opportunities to join some guys and drive non-stop to Florida and enjoy the sun and other sites, but I always passed. I did endure one extremely lonely week, alone.  Somehow, I got the brilliant idea that spending spring break my Junior year alone in a large dormitory was going to be fun. What was I thinking? I had books. I read. I had food. I ate. I had a stereo. I listened to "Blonde on Blonde" and many other records. I caught a movie one night. Took a bus to the city. On a couple of nights, I visited our local watering hole, but with all my friends gone South or back home, I was kinda bored. I left early. I slept a lot too, but that got old fast. By Tuesday, I realized I had made a stupid mistake, but I was trapped and was going to pay the price. That week I learned about loneliness. 
I like my alone time, but that week was a bitch.
Loneliness is not fun.
Lesson learned!


  1. Can't find a better place to hang that hat! The red wood is almost blinding . . . it is so bright!

  2. What did Sinatra sing: "Regrets? I've had a few." As have we all. If not going on Spring Break to Florida is your biggest regret, I'd say you're doing well. And who knows what might have happened in Florida if you had gone. There are sharks in the water in Ft. Lauderdale and also on the strip and all kinds of ways young folks can get in serious trouble! Count thy blessings!

  3. I enjoy my alone time now, but that is only because our household is usually so busy. One day I will grow tired of it, I am sure.

  4. i like being alone - at home, with my pups, horses and birds, though. :)

  5. Question of age :teenagers hate loneliness, older ones may learn how good it can be.
    i'm dreaming of a week alone!

  6. I don't mind a bit of silence.

    And I love that red.

    And there'll be a surprise on VDP tomorrow.

  7. I like some quiet time, but there is a difference between "some quiet time" and abject loneliness.

    I never could take those trips south with college buddies. I was there on a scholarship, so I went home to work for a week to make spending money.

  8. That's a real Mainer paint job.

    Solitude and society require balance. I wouldn't want either one alone.