Sunday, July 27, 2014

Duff's or Don's

Let's get this out in the open right off the bat. My eyesight is a bit off these days. At 50 mph, I thought for sure this was 'Don's Dog House'. I did a u-turn and circled back, only for come face to face with Duff's.
'Don's doghouse'? Did I spend time there?
Hey, I lived there. I did 'hard time' there.
Let's see: I wasn't home at 2 PM to do papers somedays, was late after the 'cow bell' sounded at 9PM, received grades not up to his specifications in JHS and HS, 'roped' my brother to the my sister's rocking chair (gosh, I loved that cowboy life style), didn't learn those multiplication tables fast enough, the driveway wasn't shoveled when he got home, got in BIG trouble witb Sister Deloras (his aunt), the Principal of my elementary school, made many and ANY excuses and on, and on and on.... Dad ran a tight ship along with his black belt, and I sometimes felt that I was a bit character in my own 'caine mutiny'. As happens many times, when I hit my adult years things changed. Oh ya, I married Elenka, and my status in his eyes changed.
Best buddies.
A Dog House?
Buy it?
Guy, I LIVED it!


  1. You reminded me of the dog yesterday that barked at me through his owner's SUV's window. Ruff!

  2. Sometimes being in a dog house is a brief respite from the other cares of the world, a time to rest and take stock.

  3. too cute. my eyesight tricks me now and then, too. :)

  4. You've made me hungry for a Gold Coast Dog! One of my secret pleasures while working in Chicago.

  5. From the sound of things, it's lucky you had a dog house. If'n you were my kid, you might have been homeless. Such shenanigans!

    The Appleton Museum was named after a benefactor named Appleton. I want to say he was from Wisconsin, but can't remember and I'm too lazy to Google it.

  6. And now I have an appetite for one of those... strangely enough.

  7. I can see it now "Bird Dogs!"