Saturday, July 5, 2014


... for insults!
If you were 'attacked' over a few brews and hotdogs yesterday, you should have been prepared with these comebacks to fire.
All with a Shakespearean slant. 
"You are but a mountain of mad flesh."
"Light of Brain."
"Thou art a boil."
" O gull, O dolt, as ignorant as dirt."
"Roast meat for worms."
"False of Heart, Light of Ear, Bloody of Hand."
"a Lump of foul Deformity."
"All Eyes and no Sight."
"Bolting Hutch of Beastliness."
'Thou Art a Boil."
"Long tongued, babbling Gossip."
"An Infinite and Endless liar."
"Quintessense of Dust."
"Beetled-headed, flap-eared Knave."
"The Soul of this Man is his Clothes."
"I do Desire we become Better Strangers."

Hopefully, no real  fireworks erupted.
All in good fun, my pretty.


  1. I prefer to keep insults to my own muttering self, but I do I think my favorite is "I do desire we become better strangers."

  2. I have been known to use some very old insults...

  3. I especially like: "I do Desire we become Better Strangers." I'm thinking that quote could be very useful.

  4. Quintessence of Dust is my absolute favorite. Thanks for this seasoned and precious arsenal of literary insults!

  5. I'm going to have to print out a cheat sheet. No way that I can remember all that.

  6. I can think of a few lumps of foul deformity!

  7. Hahahaha!! Can't wait to read these to J!

  8. Oh I love the last one best Birdman.. so succinct yet so polite :)

  9. I love these all! I'm going to shout a few of these at my TV the next time I see one of those political ads that are specifically aimed at the "light of brain".

  10. Uh, no, Birdperson, I didn't get into any fights yesterday. But, thanks any way!