Monday, January 12, 2009

Stack Waiting

This stack of wood was cut early last spring when I was clearing brush along the back stone wall. The trees along the wall are getting so tall they are beginning to shade the back deck earlier and earlier each year. A Maine summer is short enough without that tree line robbing us of 20 minutes or so of late afternoon sun. By late August, I usually have eye-balled my next victim for the spring; one more winter, that's it for you. Ah, the woodstove! Come a late September evening, this stack will help take the chill off.


  1. Gorgeous composition, pattern and colours too!

  2. I do like the look of Portland City, even if it looks a mite cold. I agree with Jim, this is a great photo, a wonderful mix of elements. I’ve enjoyed all of the ones you’ve posted up to now.

  3. Nice stack of wood. When is it a wood pile and when is it a cord of wood?