Sunday, January 11, 2009

Stormin' at the Square

Congress Square-- Here's an early morning look down both Congress Street to left and Free Street to right as the snow falls quite steadily. The flat-iron building straight ahead use to be the site of the old Hays Drug Store. My mom worked here soon after she moved from Norway to Portland. Behind me, the Congress Square Hotel was the home of the original WGAN-TV studio. The station's first broadcast was May 16, 1954. It had a LIVE, glassed in studio, that mimicked the original TODAY Show. People could watch the broadcast from the street, and often would be seen on the TV. Do you remember the contest Miss Channel 13? The Second Place winner is a personal friend of mine. hahaha!(inside joke) Right Joanne? Well, about 4 inches down... the weatherman says it'll continue til noon. Ah, a nice quite Sunday in the city, with plows and snowblowers at the ready. Enjoy!


  1. Oh, I love Portland in her winter woolies.

  2. I always loved this building. It was just so classy. Looks even better in ts wintery bliss.

  3. Nice shot! Not gonna lie, I didn't know there was another Portland, Maine daily photo. How long have you been posting?