Friday, July 16, 2010


My heart is heavy today.
These have been a very difficult few days. I do believe, it being the summer, has made it even a bit more challenging for me. If I only could have seen many familiar faces yesterday and today... What'll I miss most? That list would be way too long, but a couple of things come forward--- most of all, that SMILE... ---our wonderful, almost daily, talks about growing up in Portland, around Deering Center--- and our conversations about writing. She was a faithful follower and supporter of my photoblog. I've lost a good and dear friend. There is a hole in my heart.

"The future's uncertain and the end is always near."
Roadhouse Blues
Jim Morrison


  1. Beautiful post, Birdman. Wonderful reflections of an incredibly wonderful person. To say that we adored her is an absolute understatement. She was truly one-of-a-kind and the hole in our hearts is huge.

  2. What a lovely tribute BM. It's so incredibly sad when someone this wonderful slips away from our lives.

  3. The harshest blow is one who is taken from us without warning...

    All are architects of Fate,
    Working in these walls of Time;
    Some with massive deeds of great,
    Some with ornaments of rhyme.

    -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

    Our hearts are with you, BDMN.

  4. Here is a situation where your skill with words becomes a comfort to you and the people around you. You know how to say what needs to be said.
    Sometimes, however, even words cannot make sense of what happens.
    Cherish each and every day.

  5. Oh, dear friend, I'm sorry to hear that something has made a hole in your beautiful heart. A bittersweet birthday, I fear.

  6. There can't be a hole in your heart. If there were, you would not be able to feel such sadness. Your feelings show the wholeness of your heart and spirit. My condolences to you, her friends, and family.

  7. Ah, Birdman, losses are always so painful. May your heart mend quickly; good memories often help to sooth the pain.

  8. I'm sorry for your loss. Keep memories of those conversations and smiles close to your heart.