Saturday, July 3, 2010

Quaker Meeting

The Quaker Meeting House out Riverton way is an interesting building, with a not too pleasant memory. Back when I was playing Little League, at the field just around the corner, one night we heard fire engines as our game ended. There was quite a commotion, and it seemed to be coming from the gravel pit behind this building. As we rode home, I could seen police car lights eerily lighting up the twilight. The next morning, Dad told us a young boy digging in the sand pit died when it caved in on him. Often, when I'm driving by this 'meeting place', I'll look to the right on 302, and recall a sad memory.


  1. It seems such an unlikely accident and yet it does happen from time to time. It must have been hard for you as a child to reconcile your own sense of invulnerability with this senseless death of a peer.

  2. Two distinct memeories here...
    I was in Sr. Leo's class in fourth grade. You were in sixth grade at the time. A girl a few seats in front of me... It was her older brother who died there in the sand pit. My first memory of a young person dying.
    Second memory...
    On Monday nights this building served as a meeting place of a women's sacred circle. Who would ever think that the Quaker Meeting house would be a place where women could come together and share whatever they wanted in a safe sacred environment? I spent many Monday evenings coming down from East Poland to listen to some of the most stimulating discussions from '93-'98. Thanks Birdman, for two distinct memories.

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  3. I remember the night it had happened.....eerie, sad, and makes me fearful whenever I drive by this place. Almost reminds me of a cemetary late at night when one walks a little faster.