Thursday, July 29, 2010

Work Shoes

The Shoes are dead. Long live the Shoes!

, I've taken some liberties here from a bit of French monarch succession history, upon the coronation of Charles VII following the death of his father Charles VI in 1422. Here, though, is my news... I'm so sad to report that my totally, comfortable work shoes(they were like slippers to me), finally bit the dust last week. Yes, they survived six Maine winters. I wore them every single day, I think, since the spring of 2004. How do I remember? It was part of my cruise wear for our sojourn to the Caribbean for a high school graduation present. Now, be careful. I know what you're thinking. Birdman, they still look great and so wearable! And yes, on first glance here they do. However, what the photo belies is that shortly after this was snapped, on a trip to dump crap into the compost pile, I ripped the entire undersole out of one, rendering it dangerous to wear and useless. Boo hoo! But don't fret, I have a new pair that I have been breaking in for the last year.


  1. this post is a shoe-in as a favorite for those of us who are loyal to the end to our favorite footwear.

  2. Right up there with death and taxes.

  3. The death of a pair of favorite shoes - how incredibly sad!

  4. RIP old favorite shoes. The pair waiting in the wings is first chair now. MB

  5. It's like losing a friend. Good thing you are working on a new pair.

  6. Looks like you lost a part of your soul there. I guess they crapped out at the right time.

  7. After they died, I'm sure their 'sole' went to heaven.
    ☼ Sunny

  8. love you man, but not your feet! oh no!

  9. Oh, they look so comfy and worn in. Bye-bye good old shoes. Nice shot.

  10. It's nice you decided
    To choose
    To toss out the old
    And put on new shoes
    The old were so stinky
    They made the news
    They gave the people of Portland
    A case of the blues
    Thank god, they all cried
    He finally, finally
    Got some new shoes!