Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Flag Day

In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson officially proclaimed June 14th Flag Day. This is the flag on my Uncle Leonard's marker at St. Hyacinth's Cemetery. I captured it on Memorial Day in some early morning fog. Knowing my grandparents as I did, I can in no way fathom how they dealt with the death of their only son, Buster. I have the telegrams the family received. First, the one declaring him MIA, and then the second one that started: "We regret to inform you..."
His marker reads:
Leonard A. Gallant
LT 390
AAF Bomb GP, World War II
March 2, 1919-April 13, 1944
The family has recently found out some new information surrounding his death, that I'm not emotionally ready to write about yet. This country will raise many flags today.


  1. It's an important day and homage!

  2. I think that his last name is ironic, given how he died...serving his country. I have ambivalent feelings about the death of young men in service, and I mean no disrespect for them at all. To me, all these deaths are such a waste by governments because most of the wars I've read about do little to advance the concept of peace. I feel so much sympathy for your family!

  3. If all international dealings maintained even a fraction of the civility present in this photo community, perhaps there would be no more war, no more need to sacrifice the lives of young men and women. Then we would have only this, the shared mourning of our losses and the shared eagerness to show our nations to each other as hosts show esteemed guests into their homes.

  4. The flag with fog backdrop is beautiful and moving.

  5. I can't imagine anything worse for a parent with a son or daughter in the forces, to open the door to see a telegram delivery. Very moving post Birdman, makes you think.

  6. This is a beautiful post for today!

  7. It is an effective single flag today. Your post is heartfelt.

  8. We don't have a flag day in Sweden. Must be the worst letter any parent can get.

  9. Wonderful photographs on your blog, congratulations!!