Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Covered Stone

Here are a few things I think I think...
*gentle spring rain is fun to walk in (even if it's just bringing out the trash)
*fried clams, one in a while, are a good thing (there's a trip to Ken's in my future)
*with the struggling Sox, gonna make a long summer (I've got to find a new hobby)
*patterns make life easy (I need to find more)
*Fridays are mighty fine (heck, most days are)
*love Mad Men (and I don't mind the intro w/ men falling)
*I like designing new sections of our yard (sometimes I drive E- crazy)
*I enjoy being anonymous (it's not all about me... well, sometimes)
*Heidi Klum is still single (ah, I can dream...)


  1. Ahhhh, Port City...... up close and personal the last few days. Always good to zoom in, once in a while!

  2. These colors strike me more as fall than spring tones.

  3. Birdman -- you sound like a man of contentment -- barbara

  4. Why is so important to be blonde, to be beautiful?

    Funny post today! :)

  5. Deep thoughts today! And a nice photo too. :)

  6. I would second several of those thoughts . . . you will just have to figure out which ones. I like being half anonymous. My friends recognize me from the half-head photo, but I am a stranger to strangers.

    So, where do you stand on the Middlebrooks-Youk dilemma?

  7. I can't see you at a runway show with Heidi.

  8. I like your thoughts Birdman..except the one, fried clams are never a good thing haha!