Tuesday, July 10, 2012

All Me

Today, I'm revealing page 137 of my upcoming memoir. It's all about me in more ways then one.

I have a very good gal friend at work who every time I get rambunctious and start getting overly excited she will remind me, "It's NOT always about you!"
Ahem... excuse me but I beg to differ. It's always been about me. Now, I'm not saying this in a bad way, a braggadocio way at all. I know my place, and I'm in it. 

I talked with college roommate, Charlie, the other day. He's always good one to talk to, whether it's about collegiate friends who have passed, our families and their comings and goings or recalling a riotous journey down memory lane. Now, we lived together in Rochester for four years basically within 10 feet of each other. He might have some insight. 
I can't remember how it came up, but I think in our 45 minute call I might have uttered the words, "Let me tell you something about me." He answered something like, "Ya." I told him about my good friend and how she sometimes tries to 'restrain' me. 
I repeated what she says about me, "It's NOT always about you!" "Can you believe it?",  I said. All I heard on the other end was an endless, high-pitched laughter, going on and on . "Is it about me?" "Yup", was his refrain. "She doesn't know you at all!" 

Whether it was my devil costume at Halloween leading the guys from house to house into mischief, being the President of the Skeleton Club in our cellar, or my mastermind plan to 'get' Sister Joanne (my 6th Grade teacher) which decidedly ended my years at St. Joseph's School, it has always been a bit o' me. 

My sister from Oregon told me once, "You should have been a minister up front; you just talk and talk and talk. Or some of my friends I come in contact with  at work when they cry out, "Please shut up!" "Stop talking, and let us do what we have to do." At lunch at work, the women will be blushing; the men just shaking their heads, drinks coming out the corners of their mouths. Have I gotten in trouble? Can't say I haven't, but I receive and give it all with a smile, always have, always will.  

Elenka knows me a lot better than my family now, and she's got Charlie trumped by many years too. She gives a good argument and says, "You are NOT that type of person at all, in anyway shape or form." But we might be talking about apples and oranges here. I hate to get her upset. She must think I'm an angel or something.

I've been asked by many, "Why aren't you on Facebook?" Do I really HAVE to tell you? Would you really want me messin' with folks there? Ask some of my blog friends. Lowell, would you really want to see me there? Here's another thing my close friend at work always reminds me.
"YOU have NO filter!" She says I shouldn't go there.
My Facebook page would be ALL about me! But then again, aren't they all?
There, I rest my case! Your witness.


  1. No no no! Not true at all. It's all about me! OK then. Sometimes it is about you.

  2. one of the things i like best about you is that you have no filter. talk on, birdman. we're listening, particularly because it's all about you.

  3. What is a blog for if you can't say what you want? Even if it "only" about yourself? Stay who you are.

    PS Nice use of a spoon or whatever it is.

  4. Only difference between a blog and FB, well two, number of people looking at you and the ability to put more simple responses up on the posts (Like/Unlike). By the way, I prefer those with their own opinions as to sheep with no opinions except those of others.

  5. I like that phrase about having no filter. I think I'm going to steal it!

  6. You could be a stand-up comic. Or a sit-down comic. Or a comic strip. I vote for the latter. Sheesh. I've known it was all about you for a long time. Re Facebook: I have nothing to do with FB. It's a very dangerous place. Stay clear. FB gives new meaning to the phrase, "Anything you say can be used against you."

    Perhaps you should have been a minister. Then you'd have a captive audience every Sunday. I can see the people walking out after a service, shaking their heads, saying, "O my God," and you'd be at the door saying, "Yes, how can I help you?"

    Perhaps you should put your memoirs in book form and save your loyal blogging friends from "all about you"? Problem is, I guess loyal friends would have to buy your book.

    Is there no way out???

  7. Or as my friend told me once. "Let's stop talking about me. Let's talk about what you think about me!" She was just kidding of course. And I think I'd love to have a long visit with you BIrd. Come on over to FB. Last night I reconnected with someone I'd not heard from in about 25 years! All because we had a mutual friend, saw my name........the rest is history.

    PS I love that photo

  8. Lowell's comment above had me laughing out loud! Great post....all about you!

    1. Completely true about the filter, thank you very much. Part of the charm, however. I wouldn't change anything about you (well, maybe just a couple of things?) . . . . Yes, absolutely steer clear of FB - there could be a few ramifications. As far as the "angel" thing goes . . . if you remember correctly, just a couple of days ago a little "incident" that took place while Elenka was out of town was brought to her attention . . . at a BRIDAL SHOWER! Nuf said. Love you! xxoo

  9. Well of course it's always about "me"...at least in our own heads! Reminds me that everyone has their own perception so our idea of a conversation, book, movie, whatever, is always different from anothers.

  10. well it better be all about you else we would stop visiting!

  11. Well who else is there to talk about than 'ME'. So just go for it. And stay away from facebook---who cares who is wiping who's you know what!!!!!.


  12. Marchin O'Neachtain.July 10, 2012 at 3:44 PM

    On Facebook, you need to be a friend in order to have a friend..........love ya bro.

  13. You are absolutely right about Facebook1

  14. OK, OK....yes, I'm the one that knows him very well...and yes, once he gets going I have to sometimes tell him to STOP TALKING (or I tune him out)....but not always.
    The filter thing.....yup. Usually I have to provide the filter with a couple of well thought out looks, which, however, he doesn't always see.
    But, truth be told, I do NOT see the part where it's all about him. Do not.
    He is one of the nicest, kind hearted, 'do no evil' people I've ever met.
    Besides, he KNOWS, that when he's around ME....it's all about ME.
    Maybe that's the story......
    Love ya Birdman, more than you'll ever know.

  15. Yeah, I got that, but what's the stuff in the photo? I can't figure it out. And, hey, when we meet in 3 1/2 weeks, do I get to say something?

  16. You just keep on talking and I'll check in. lol

  17. So many words of wisdom in these comments. Nothing wrong with "all about me"... demonstrates self-confidence, self-awareness, self-self-self...I think I'll take Elenka's analysis. And I, like Bob, wonder about the connection between your narrative and the photo??!!

  18. You're a nut head. (in a good way)

  19. Now, that's what I call a cool shot! well done.