Sunday, August 19, 2012

Clay Chime

There's a new addition hanging from the old, garden apple tree. First of all, it's only new to the tree. It's been dangling inside, on the summer porch, for quite a few years now. As you can see, it's a combination home for my feathered friends and wind chime, made by the artistic hands of Elenka. But I was thinking; I do that a lot. In real windy times, when the chimes are more than a playin', how's a family to 'weather the storm' with all that racket? Maybe the idea of trying to blend a new home and some cheerful music might not be the best of ideas. As for a new flock's arrival, it'll have to wait for the  spring, and that's ways off at this point. However, September breezes will bring tuneful sounds to the garden, I hope. Of course, this addition will be in competition with at least two other noisemakers. Remember, my spoon chime resides up here too. There is also one that used to hangout in J's room, that now hangs nearby. So, I hope these contrivances might add some slightly symphonic or at least calliopic resonances up here. Hey, I think I might have just created a new word there. Have I engineered the word calliope into an adjective? Do I ever cease to amaze? You be the judge.


  1. Good God......No, that's never cease to amaze. That's the beauty of you. Chime on.

  2. I'm amazed. I love wind chimes. Here in Oklahoma though they tend to get beaten to death between the steady winds and the hail.

  3. Both of you never seem to amaze me. Each talented in different areas. Elenka's home is one that any feathered friend would be proud to inhabit; and her caldiopic chimes match your chiming thoughts.

  4. Oh, my! Should be "never CEASE to amaze me!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  5. A beautifully crafted, dual purpose home. What more could the modern bird hope for? As for your linguistic skills, you are a true trail blazer.

  6. I'll try it on Words With Friends and see if it "flies" !

  7. Yes, you are amazing! ;)
    Did you get any takers on the birdhouse? I've never managed to sell any residents on mine.

  8. i think it's cute, but i'm not so sure the birds will take up residence, either. saw a guy selling wooden ones - bird house on top w/ chimes hanging below - yesterday in a parking lot. didn't think the birds would use those either. :)

  9. I am glad to confirm that you never cease to amaze me!

  10. Please never stop to amaze us ! and I like this little house,but it seems to be frail during winter 's winds, what do you think?.

  11. I would say no, you never cease to amaze us.

  12. It will be worth the experiment. In the meantime, enjoy the music. There is a garden at a hospital near here that has a 5 foot long wind chime hanging way up in an old oak. The chimes sound so deep and resonant when the wind stirs, they almost sound like music from an electronic synthesizer!

  13. Alright, I HAVE to point this out. The birdhouse/ wind chime has no FLOOR! That's how it can be a wind chime. There's a gong thingy inside.

    So the only bird that might take up residence there would be a cuckoo. But you never know.

  14. I have strange associations. Looks to me like a cyclops version of the Jolly Green Giant smoking a cigarette.

  15. Elenka did a nice job with this wind chime. I used to have a few hanging around, but after a while the never-endingness of the chiming got on my nerves.

  16. Maybe the birdies will like the chimes we will wait and see.

    Regarding your comment on my blog----I did catch the piece of steak thrown by the hibachi fellow. YUM!

  17. Looks beautiful!!

    And yes you are amazing with words - the reason we come here to revel!

  18. Like your photo, "calliopic" has a nice resonance and I think I'll start using it

  19. I am a little dizzy from reading two of your circular posts in a row. :))

  20. Ah so the birdhouse has no base to it, methinks then Birdman that it's a moot point as to whether the birds can put up with the 'calliopic' tones or not!

  21. So you are creating your own calliopic (amazing adjectivde) orchestra! Perhaps on breezy evenings you can have audiences to come & enjoy!

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