Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lazy River

At the waterpark-
These days, give me the lazy river! That's my speed. I can even handle the wave pool, especially when it is freakin' hot all over. I'm pretty patient too, especially when I'm waiting for something that has a good payback, either physically or emotionally. You won't find me waiting in line for overpriced food. Heck, they attempt to finagle $3.50 out of your pocket for a bottle for water. Same goes for those ungodly, staggering lines that meander up the big draw waterslides, in all designs and lengths. Don't look for me there either. I'll be splashing around in a tube on the lazy river and waving to these lifeguards every 20 minutes or so. After all, someone has to keep these boring jobs interesting.
It's a tough job, but I'm overly qualified.
Maybe they'd let me float around with one of those umbrella drinks.


  1. I LOVE those lazy river rides!! Hey Birdman, I saw in a magazine that someone put a lazy river into their backyard instead of a pool. Didn't take up a lot of space, sorta like a big irregular pool with an island in the middle and something was making the water move around. Wouldn't that be nice??

  2. Sit back and relax, that's my motto.

  3. I would listen to Elenka if I were you, Birdman. I predict some digging in your yard in your future.

  4. My favorite swimming was in ocean waves...
    It's always good to know one's own style & to flow with it...
    Happy floating!