Saturday, August 3, 2013


What can't you do? The list is long for me and sadly getting a bit more lenghty by the day. Well, at least it feels that way to me.
I can't draw.
I can't paint.
I can't play the piano.
I can't fly a plane.
I can't repair my computer.
I can't build a house.
I can't captain a ship.
I can't hit a homerun at Fenway.
I can't fill my cavities.
I can't tune up my car. 
I can't judge a case.
I can't walk on the moon.
I can't operate on a patient.
I can't design a skyscraper.
I can't survey my land.
I can't cure cancer.
Well, I guess you get get picture. There are lots of things I can't do in life, but in the 'plus column', I have friends and acquaintances that can do all of these things for me.
So what's the positive in all this. I realize that I can DO just about everything else on the planet. The list is long.
What do great minds say? It ain't braggin', if you can do it.
Oh, one last thing on my list.
I can't keep most things organized.
Desk tops.
Cluttered draws.
What's on your palette this morning?


  1. I don't think that I would draw up a list like that for myself. . . too depressing. Instead I would make a list of what I can do. For starters: I can cook, I can dance, I can take reasonably good photos, I can love my grandkids, I can show genuine interest in other people, I can laugh, I can clean house, I can drive a car, I can sing off-key, I can write, I can appreciate a starry night, I can travel, I can grow herbs, I can teach adolescents (and love it), I can send myriad postcards when I travel, . . . I'm beginning to like this list!!

  2. This post is rather like a sad, country song. I guess that's because it seems easier to think of the sad, can't do stuff than that happy, can do stuff. One of my favorite songs is by George Jones and the big line is: "Every time I make my mark, someone paints the wall"!

  3. Think Kate is right. Make a list of abilities and accomplishments. Know you have a fine photographic eye, for example. I can do a few things on your list within limits, but prefer to have highly trained specialists do many of these things for me. Anyone can draw, but there is always someone who is better, not that it matters one bit. Just go for it.

  4. That "can't organize my desk" bug has bit me too! My kitchen cabinets are neat and tidy, my silverware drawer is completely organized, my closet is in good order, and my book shelves are picture perfect. What is up with that desk?

  5. Organization? Fuhgeddaboutit, as they say in my home town. I used to be able to repair my own computer and tune up my car but that's impossible now.

  6. I got the same "Can't" as you, except that I can be very organised.There are so much things I can't do , but I don't care ,because of one that I know to do very well : I can dream !

  7. Why do you need to be organized when you have Elenka and me in your life? Best darned personal assistants that you could ever ask for! True, you may not be able to do many things; fortunately, there are many things that you CAN do! That's what makes the world balanced, right? We wouldn't want everyone to be alike!

  8. It's OK if you can't do something as long you know someone who can do it and then you can do thing for them that you can do that they can't.

  9. I am practically like you, but I can repair my computer...

  10. Loved your post! And you say you are disorganised!!

  11. I know one more thing you can do, Birdman. Share a thought-provoking post.

  12. I'm not one for lists, Bird. I just do what I can do and need to do and then go on to the next.

  13. I can't summit Mt. Everest, drive a race car, or compete in the Olympics. Or a bunch of other things. And for the most part I really wouldn't want to. The delight for me is in realizing what I have chosen to do that pleases me, especially when it's taken an effort and I've succeeded.

  14. Right now, it's 1:36 am and all I'm capable of doing is switching the computer off!

  15. You can take pictures and write clever things about them like nobody's business :)

  16. No list here, just a spontaneous trip to Albuquerque.