Friday, September 13, 2013

Phone Box

Happy Friday the 13th!
You superstitious?
Have a little friggatriskaidekaphobia?
That's the fear of this Friday the 13th.
As I've written before, I have found myself falling into routines involving sporting events, but that's about it. Black cats? Love 'em! Walking under ladders? No problem. Breaking mirrors? Done that a few times. The number 13? Doesn't really bother me, although I do think it looks funny on the back of an athlete.
Do I have fears? Of course I do. We all do. Do I want to ruminate on them this morning and share them with you? Of course not. You see, they might be irrational bothers, but in my mind just thinking about them can stress me out a bit. So, outta sight, outta mind.
Maybe, when I get myself worked up I just need to call Ghostbusters!
Got the number?
No worry. It's a Friday!


  1. Thanks, Birdman! I probably would have blundered my way through this whole day without ever knowing it was Friday the 13th. But now I know. Oh, no!! :-)

  2. nope, not superstitious about friday the 13th!

  3. That reminded me of 'step on a crack, break your mother's back' -- which haunted me when I was young and carefully stepped over the cracks. . .

  4. I love Sharon's comment above. That saying bothered me too when I was a kid.

  5. Is there a real phone in there?
    You are so right! Not to go to thr Fear Place.
    But I remember hotels that had no 13th floor and no room 13...I was amazed that they took it so seriously...

  6. Nice phone box, is still a phone there?

  7. Like the look of that phone box, especially the gatoring below it.

  8. I have bad luck with good luck charms. So those are my only superstition.

  9. Thank goodness my parents were both scientists. Aside from Friday the 13th, Filipinos have a gazillion superstitions - which I never had to suffer.

    Is there still a phone in there?

  10. This is probably on a street less traveled as well.