Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Kids Play

"Hey, how was your summer?"
"Love that new haircut"
"Decided to add some facial hair?"
"Did you sell your house?"
"Shaved your head? That's a new look."
"What a bike trip! I followed you for awhile."
"When did you get back?"
"Can ya help my Sox?"
"You're pregnant? So cool."
"Those blonde streaks work."
"How did the new camp work out? Kids love it?"
"Finally got to the top of Katahdin, huh?"
"How was the cruise?"
"Did you work all summer?"
"Love your new place."
"Get to the St. Louis Arch?"
"Are you done this year?"
"So funny, seeing you at Logan."
"How many pounds did you lose?"

See, adults play too.


  1. I don't think anyone asks the last one, Birdman....
    Starting my day at school...will see how many of these I hear.

  2. Yep, sounds like end-of-summer talk, for sure!

  3. Five pound... seeing as you asked :)

  4. You've nailed that back to work conversion!

  5. So many questions ring the bell of the end of summer ..

  6. Yep, very important discussion starters. :)

  7. Teaching is the best job with it's seasons, I used to love going back (in a resistant sort of way...)

  8. One of those remarks led me to a thought. It occurs to me that aside from one or two people, none of the people I went to school with would know I have a shaved head.

  9. I always look forward to seeing my fellow teachers at the start of a new school year. Like reconnecting with family.

  10. My jobs were never seasonal so this was not my life. But when I was a kid, I did have a tire swing.

  11. Missed seeing you!

  12. Sounds like first day back at school . . . but . . . you're not there. . . how is it going?

  13. I think I only heard the first two this week. How does it feel staying home?