Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Rats and Summer Camps

Strange stuff today.
Two things came to my attention recently.
It's all about our friendly rodents and summer camp.
Did you know that rats play? I didn't. I didn't even know that some scientists out there are studying this stuff. I should have realized it, but it escaped me. The whitecoats are checking out their playing, sharing of food and other socializing activities. And yes, they are watching them while they are copulating. Kinda kinky if you ask me.
Topic Two- summer camps. Maine is big business when it comes to kids traveling here to frolic at seemingly hundreds of picturesque camps. Camp Gregory was a summer camp for boys. I begged my parents to let me go, but money was always the obstacle. Heck, if they ever said yes, I would have fainted dead right there on the floor. Never got the opportunity, but I have a sneaky suspicion that I couldn't have done the two weeks on the lake anyway. I was sort of a fraidy cat.
Now, here's a summer camp I could take, I bet.
Last week, Portland hosted its first Beer Camp.
Yes, you heard me... Beer Camp!
Not two weeks.
Just a Friday, Saturday, and a Sunday.
No Swimming!
No Campfires!
No Uniforms!
No Bunkhouses!
Just hundreds and hundreds of microbrews.
Now, that's a summer camp for me!


  1. Hi, good topic. I think all animals play, I have seen a video of crows sledding down a steep roof in the snow on a bottle cap, and an armadillo playing with a pink squeeze toy, etc. I guess we hadn't stopped to look closely enough. Studies on crows show them to be very much like us. Nice photo..

  2. I am interested in all the animal research that has recently been published, not especially about rats (shiver) but the canine research has been fascinating. Not going to summer camp was ever an issue for me because I lived near Door County, Wi, one big summer camp for me while growing up. Still love it!!

  3. A beer camp with me all the way down here in Florida? Rats!

  4. Everything I know about rats I learned from Ratatouille (disney) but I hated it. Steve King has a great short story about rats on the docks of Portland, but I can't remember the name. Summer camps: never too late. A friend just went to a summer camp for adults in Mt. Ranier National Park, they hiked & sang songs around the campfire. Elenka's book making was like summer camp, yes? What a surrealistic photo.

  5. Your first observation made me wonder if you heard the same story on NPR this morning about the study of play routines in rats and humans.
    I'm not much of a beer drinker but, if you hear of a wine camp, let me know. If I'm not mistaken the two twin sisters in "Parent Trap" found each other at a summer camp in Maine.

    1. Yes, I heard it... and got me to thinking. I knew someone would pick up. Fast!

  6. A non-sequitur story if I ever heard one. But then again, I'm used to it!!

  7. haha. maybe the scientists having to watch the rats need to go to beer camp to relax.

  8. Not a beer drinker unless diluted with lemonade :) but can appreciate the appeal if 'beer camp' :)

  9. Good grief, I hate rats and beer... :-)

  10. Beer camp? Isn't that what college is for? The place I am staying doesn't permit alcohol in the dining hall, but there is an alcohol-fueled social life in the cabins. Not for me . . . I had my last drink 29-1/2 years ago.

    I went to YMCA day camp on a pond for several years, and when I was 14 I was supposed to be an unpaid junior counselor. I discovered that a classmate with less camping experience than I was getting paid, so I quit on the spot and went to work for pay in a pet store.

  11. We have plenty of camps here. I never went to them as a kid.

  12. I could use a beer camp right now.

  13. Note to self, Birdman....
    I didn't get to go to Camp Gregory because, Oh yeah, my sis was at Camp Pesky or Camp Pesquasawasis it's full name. LOL. Sorry:(

    Lakeland Checks In!

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