Friday, August 22, 2014

Museum Window

It's captivating visiting museums. I always find that the galleries are not the only areas with 'art' hanging. It's in the hallways, the cafeterias, the bookstores even the stone entrances. While on our visit to the Museum of Fine Arts, we had lunch in the warm sun in the inner garden. Most of the tables were full, so we found a warm spot sitting on the wall, enjoyed each others company and did some people watching. Seen here is a museum wall, as we moved back in. Besides the Wyeth show, I greatly enjoyed my stroll down the hallway viewing "Over There" a collection of WW1 patriotic posters. It marks the first time they have been on display since 1938. The iconic "I Want You for the US Army" poster showing Uncle Sam, in all his glory, pointing his finger at you is present. Pretty intimidating! 
Visiting galleries like these reinvigorates my camera's eye.
I need that.

*My blogging buddy Jack was there the same day, up from Connecticut. I wish we had crossed paths.


  1. I'll bet we did cross paths but didn't know it. We went to the garden cafe first but weren't crazy about the selections, so we went back inside to the cafe in the new space. And, I strolled through the hallways with those WWI posters, too. Weird, eh?

    1. I trhink I might have recognized the 'tall guy' had we crossed paths, and you might have 'caught a glimpse' of the ragged hair.

  2. A missed meeting: this is unfortunate!

  3. Wouldn't that have been great if you somehow connected and recognized each other! Maybe you are in the background of each others pics.

  4. Oh you would definitely have recognized each other I'm sure, what a shame! I agree about photo exhibitions being inspiring Birdman, it's always good to see another point of view.

  5. Really too bad that you two were not able to meet and do a photo shoot together.

  6. You found a little work of art reflected in that window.
    By the way, I saw one of those Blue Cement Trees flitting around the garden but it was too quick for me to capture it. :-)

  7. I like your shot.
    Dang! Too bad you & Jack missed meeting up.

  8. I'm glad you missed Jack. That means I don't have to be jealous. Snicker.

    I'm so sorry you missed your blogging buddy but you got a great photo!

  9. Sounds like you guys ought to hook up some time.

  10. A rather dynamic shot, even with a missed meeting!

  11. I like poster art too. Have you seen the USPS stamps of old circus posters? Available now!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= . <3 . >< } } (°>

  12. Wonderful reflection shot in the window and very artistic looking. That would have been cool seeing that Poster in real life.