Friday, October 24, 2014

Kamo Kitties

As most of you know, I'm a cat guy. Sure, I have dreams of dog ownership someday, but for right now my border collie is still just in my dreams. As for cats, we have two girls, Molly and Sophie.
Molly 15 years- (she's on the left here with Batman ears):
Nickname: Mollycakes or The Moll
Appearance: She's a tabby with a  little Maine Coon Cat in her for good measure. Has a reckless 'raccoon tail' that gets huge when on the prowl. 
Social: Very! She's a 'talker'. She makes all kinds of noise and has been known to talk on the phone. At parties, she enjoys walking on all the guests. Has a great affinity for J.
Hugs: For sure! She loves to be held.
Useful: Yes. Any chipmunk that finds its way in the house in winter is dead meat. Excellent mouser! Loves to sit on the warm driveway and watch traffic go by.
Sophie 14 years- (she's on the right):
Nickname: Sophie-Girl or Sophia
Appearance: She's got a good deal of Siamese in her. Wonderful coloring. Wicked soft!
Social: She has begun to 'talk'. Every once in a while you'll hear her Siamese cry. When she cries 'helloooooooo', it sounds eerily human. She's never met a lap she doesn't enjoy. She is special to Elenka.
Hugs: For sure! Very hugable. 
Useful: Well, sort of. After her sister catches the critter, Sophie will check out the kill. Likes to play with mice and moles. Loves to sleep on the 'magic floor'.

They are so much a part of our family and wonderful company. They are the best thing your lap  can experience, while reading a book on a long, cold, winter afternoon.
They're PURRfect!
Bringing them to the Vet right now.
Wish me luck.


  1. Always "useful" to have someone who appreciates your hard work, as in "Sophie Girl". :-)

  2. They really are camouflaged! They are definitely part of a family; we are dog people but I often yearn for a cat, but with a bird in the house, it would create chaos. Someday!!

  3. As birdman mentioned once in one of his stories, when he asked his mom for a dog growing up, she said 'no' 'but when you get married, you can get a dog.' So guess who he marries......a non-dog person. Fortunately, I believe he loves cats more.....

  4. FYI....I love dogs, just don't want to live with them.....

  5. I'm a dog and cat person. I've had my share of both and sometimes at the same time. Good luck at the vets!

  6. sweet girls! hope they manage okay!

  7. I'm a dog person mostly but have had a cat that I dearly loved and so did the dogs. In actual fact I'm a cat person too, and a bunny person, and a .....

  8. Great pic of the camouflaged cats . . . I love cats but they make me sneeeeeze.

  9. So do I take it they don't like the vet?

  10. They are such beautiful cats. I'm a cat person too, so the sight of these two is quite appealing.

    The vet? They surely must think of the vet as the Evil Arch-Fiend, right?

  11. Wow! I just caught up. Missed some really good shots. Loved the ones of your wife, not to mention all the others. You have such an eye.

  12. Years ago we had cats named Roger and Sophie. Roger was named for a very good California judge, Roger Traynor. At the time there were very few female judges, so Sophie was named because it means wise. It turned out that Roger was a dope but Sophie always looked wise.

  13. Your first cat is almost invisible, definitely in stealth mode. We had our daughter's college cat dumped on us once. It was ok but our house is pretty small. The idea didn't stick.

  14. I'm a both of them person. It's like when you leave home as a kid, you get plants and if they live you get cats, and if the cats live, then you get the dog. The dog is the reward for all the nurturing given and love received and if you get that reward then maybe you can have children.

  15. I'm a cat person also.. they do say you don't pick a cat it picks you.. every stray cat around picks me :)

  16. They look like a nice pair of companions - for each other and for their humans, too. I happen to be a dog person but I am admittedly partial to most furry critters. We just haven't had any cats that have joined our little crowd.