Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pine Cone

Here are some facts you probably never wanted to know about the place I call home.

*Maine is the Pine Tree State. 
*The white pine tree is the state symbol.
The motto is Dirigo: "I Lead."
The state bird is the black-capped chickadee.
*There are 17 million acres of forest in the state.
* The white pine cone and tassel is the state flower, but it's not a flower at at all. It's a strobilus. Whatever that is.
*The state berry is the blueberry.
*The cat is the Maine coon cat.
*The state fish is the land-locked salmon.
*Yes, we have a state mammal: the moose.
*Our state drink is Moxie.
*"The State of Maine Song" is our state song.
*Heck, we have a state treat: the Whoopie Pie!
*We even have state dirt apparently: the Cesuncook soil series. What the...?????

If you ever travel to the state, these are just a few of the facts you won't have to look up. 
You have a head start on being a real Downeasta.


  1. Yes, because absentmindedly DELETED yesterday's post. What was I thinking?

  2. I love everything about this state that is my home...Well, almost...ahem....I remember learning that those needles are the "leaves" of the pine tree & I thought that was so cool...Do you know the State of Maine Song? Can't say I do...

    1. You mean this one?

      Grand State of Maine,Proudly we sing,
      to tell your glories to the land,
      to shout your praises 'till the echoes ring;
      Should fate unkind, send us to roam
      the scent of the fragrant pine, the tang of the salty air,
      will call us home.

      Oh, Pine Tree State, your woods, fields, and hills,
      your lakes, streams and rock-bound coast
      will ever fill our hearts with thrills.
      And though we seek far and wide,
      our search will be in vain;
      to find a fairer spot on earth, than Maine, Maine, Maine.

      I'm 70, and still remember this thanks to my fourth grade English teacher at Longfellow School !

  3. Now I want to do the same for MN!

  4. The only one I knew prior to this was the blueberry.

  5. Thanks for the info, I don't know much about Maine, but it is surely a place I would love to visit...

  6. P.S. - I totally agree with you about paddle boarding!

  7. Very interesting facts, actually. And a great photo.

  8. The last time I checked, there was still a lot of controversy about Virginia's state song. Perhaps not so much for Maine?

  9. I don't think I can remember all these facts without learning them by heart.

  10. I appreciated the facts...and checking what I already knew. The pine cone is lovely.

  11. I agree with Kate...good idea for a post.
    I like your pine cone, all frosted with sap.

  12. It is too late for me to become a Downeaster, plus you guys have hellacious winters. (No, I don't miss that part of Hartford in the winter.)

    You really should put Savannah on your list. Now that you are retired, you can take a leisurely drive down the East Coast. Charleston is nice but crowded, but Savannah seems more authentic to me. Don't miss Beaufort, South Carolina, on the way down. A pretty little town with nice art galleries and a fine waterfront.

  13. Traveled to Maine once and thought it was a beautiful place. At the insistence of the husband we went to a beach and it was so foggy we sat on the a cloud. A great memory.

  14. I'd better get busy and learn these things!

  15. Interesting!
    And I hope to visit there someday,
    Leia :)