Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Our Congress

Have you seen it?
The list of Top 10 Great Streets in America. Here they are:
Central Avenue, Hot Springs, AK
State Street, Santa Barbara, CA
Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC
Clematis Street, West Palm Beach, FL
Broadway, New York, NY
Main Street, Sag Harbor, NY
5th and 6th Avenues, Portland, OR
King's Street, Charleston, SC
25th Street, Ogden, UT
Amazing to find this street of ours among the more recognizable thoroughfares. I mean along side Broadway and Pennsylvania Avenue? It is quite a street. With plenty of shops and stores, museums, restaurants, historical monuments, music venues, diverse churches, an art college, vibrant neighborhoods and plenty of water at either end, it really has it all. I'm a bit prejudice, but I do believe that the American Planning Association got it right.
It certainly is our signature street.
Come to Portland.
Drive Congress!  


  1. oh how neat, and both portlands made it!

  2. You must show us something more of this beautiful street!

  3. neat how both portlands made the list. :) you and your sis can both brag.

  4. Congratulations to Portland! What a nice honor!

  5. It's always good to know you're appreciated Birdman. I must admit I'm happy when I see Perth pop up more and more on lists of places to visit these days.

  6. I think we will need a tour of this street!
    I sawa Possum one evening under our bird feeder this spring and at first thought it was a huge rat! Haven't seen it again.

  7. Interesting to have such a list ! what pride to be in it ..

  8. Oh wow. At least I've been to two in the list... Cool!

  9. I think I've walked that street. Bravo!

  10. Well, I did just come to Portland & I do LOVE Congress Street! We ate at The Merry Table, the creprie on Wharf Street with a now expanded menu...Congratulations to you, the Native Son, & to Portland!

  11. Pretty cool. Congress Street is pretty nice.

  12. Yes, I recognize the art museum. Who made this list? I thought Delmar Boulevard in STL, through the area called The Loop, was supposed to be up there.

  13. and the library, too! yay portland maine!

  14. Well, if I ever get to Portland I will drive it.