Saturday, April 13, 2013

Two Ducks

Don't panic!
It's not this bad.
We did get a cover of sleet and some light snow. The yard is white now, but it should be back to grass by tomorrow. This image was taken just down the road about a month ago in the midst of a light snowfall. 
You like white? 
Take it all in.
Savor it one last time.
Drink it all up.
You better not be seeing this much whiteness on this blog until November.
Viva la green!


  1. Yes.. whiteness is beautiful in its time, but it is green time now.
    As for that pair looks very like at home in the stream.
    Have you seen "my ducks" of today..?

  2. snow in april- the other foot falls-
    I've gone to bandcamp- check it out
    way easier than myspace..
    also, if you get weird texts that say it's me, Paul, please do a reply text as I'm working out a free texting "app"-
    where can we go to shake off some of this winter?
    do you read these comments?

  3. Viva la green indeed. Rumours have it that Spring (the real version), will arrive in Haninge tomorrow.

  4. Yes, tell me about it. We've gotten over a foot of snow over the past three days, but today we have sunshine and above freezing temperatures. Come on spring!

  5. Wow this is such a frame-able scene..spectacular. It'll be back. Meanwhile don't forget to smell the flowers!

  6. It is beautiful but enough is enough!

  7. It's good for you to vent. You know, get things off your chest. Are you saying that you've seen enough white crap for a while? Are you feeling blue 'cause of all that white? Would you really rather be down in Florida where it's 85 degrees today and sunny?

    You're welcome.

  8. I do like this kind of white, just not here!

  9. Oh I bet you are a bit tired of your long season of snow. Won't mention our blooming trees and sunshine to you -- barbara

  10. Or le vert.

    Took me a while to find the ducks, or les canards if you please. Vieux yeux.

  11. A beautiful scene Birdman, but I can see how you would get tired of it for such a loooooong period. You'll see, it'll be over soon..

  12. It's pretty, but I'm glad to hear you're finally getting some green!

  13. we, too, got a surprisingly thick blanket of white the other day but very little of it remains today after a bright sun yesterday did its work.