Sunday, February 9, 2014

All My Loving

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Beatles!
"Close your eyes and I'll kiss you..."

And with that Ed Sullivan introduction and the first chords  and words of those fab guys from Liverpool, I think my life changed, 50 years ago tonight February 9, 1964.
I had been alerted to this event by my sister and some of the girls in the neighborhood. The Ed Sullivan Show was a Sunday night staple in our Stevens Avenue house. I sat through shows filled with Perry Como, Teresa Brewer, Jackie Mason, the Lennon Sisters, Eydie Gorme and Steve Lawrence, that mouse Topo Gigio and the zany Banana Man, but this night was different. 
Mom said, "They sure look handsome in those suits." Dad just sat back and shook his head and smiled. I was moved by the music, and when I saw the reaction of the girls in the audience, I knew I wanted some of that.
I changed forever.
I took the pledge: the hair was going to grow.
One night at college in a bar, I was approached by 5 girls, who said I resembled 'Harrison', and for the next 3 years or so, if I ever ran into them, they called me "George". 
I'm quite sure a couple never really knew my real name.
But I didn't care.
My love affair with music, I can honestly trace back to 50 years ago tonight in front of that round screen Philco with the family.
Favorite album?
Call me crazy, but I've always had a weak spot for Revolver.
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!


  1. This is like where were you when...
    Sunday night, skipping church, Lockett Hotel Lobby, my sister and two friends, and there they were...

  2. Ironically, my family was living in England at the time and I never knew the Beatles existed until the mania had passed. Honestly, upon returning to the States, I had to ask a classmate of mine who the Beatles were. Oh well, another revolution missed. :-)

  3. Hmmm. They did nothing for me then nor do they today. I like real music. :) I think you just wanted the girls!

  4. now i've got that song in my head. thanks!

  5. I remember that evening well! My parents hated the hair but I loved it and I still have a special attraction to long-haired guys. Week before last, I posted a story about my recent pilgrimage to Abbey Road in London on my travel blog. You can see it at if you want.

  6. I remember my cousins playing them alot when I was young and my parents listening to them in the 70's. That's probably when I really got into them. I would say my favorite is Abby Road.

  7. There was definitely a pre-Beatles and a post-Beatles thing in America. I was just a kid but the reaction of the girls amazed me also.

  8. I first heard the Meet The Beatles album in 1964(?), and I was hooked. Their music became the soundtrack of my college years. I had always been a rock n' roll fan that was the basis of much of their music, but they took it to another level. Had been listening to them for a long time before Ed Sullivan show. The day I heard "Have You Heard the News Today" from the White Album was the first day of the 1967 Israeli-Egyptian war. Amazing how music world events mirror each other. Thank you for this fine post.

    1. "Have you heard the news today" is on Sargent Pepper album, I believe.

  9. I've always liked "Rubber SouL". I remember that night so well too. I saw them in concert all 3 times they came to Toronto and even went out to the airport to see them coming and going and in those days there was little security so you could get up really close to them. What a time that was!

  10. Lowell- the music was strong... w/ a pretty good dose of girls on the side. I can't lie.

  11. I remember listening to them while riding in the back of my parents mini cooper while living in England.

  12. Hi George---hahaha
    I liked some of the songs but it was a crazy time and we all needed something new.
    Yeah, yeah, yeah!

  13. Oh, yeah...That was a special time...we became a clan, we fans...I still today love "I want to hold your hand" & "she loves you", but some of the sweet Buddy Holly songs are so great too...Meet the Beatles, one of the few lp's I still own.

  14. The fifty year show is on TV as I type this. Great music, even though I would rather hear the Beatles' versions instead of the modern covers.

    I heard the Beatles' music on one of those hard to get radio stations a couple of months before they arrived on Ed Sullivan. I was practically jumping up and down when they finally hit the US shores. A revolution in music and popular culture . . .

  15. Knowing you, yes, I can see the resemblance. I never had such risks.

    It may be the obvious choice but Sgt. Pepper is a cultural turning point. I can go with Revolver and The White Album, too.

    BTW, I still think the Banana Man is one of the funniest things I've ever seen in my life.

  16. Yeah, yeah, yeah! . . . I remember that night . . . my dad had the same reaction. . . Me? Luv those Beatles.

  17. Got so interested in the Olympics yesterday, I forgot all about this anniversary. Still have a few of their vinyl albums somewhere in the house.

  18. Have all their vinyl records George :), can't pick a fav, loved them all..

  19. Rubber Soul was my favorite. "In My Life" and "Michelle" always made me sigh. My friend had a reel-to-reel recorder (remember those?) and she recorded the Ed Sullivan show that night and we would listen to that recording over and over until we could get our hands on the vinyl. I still have my Beatle cards and a few song books.