Friday, February 7, 2014


"I'm playing this one close to the vest..."

This rusted piece of rigging on a docked dragger, I'm sure, serves a useful purpose bringing fish aboard. It helps bring this vessel through its day.

Idioms do the same for me. I use a lot of them.
Here are a few that often are a part of my day:
close to the vest
loaded for bear
devil in the details
ass backwards
head above water
spill the beans
take a leak
kick the bucket
add fuel to the fire
it's Greek to me
in the same boat
high as kite
back to square one
eyes bigger than your stomach
chip off the block
cut to the chase
eat crow
down to the wire
fish or cut bait
out on a limb
hit the books
heat of the moment
method to the madness
pedal to the metal
saved by the bell

Elenka has heard them all, and when she hears a few of them, she just says, "What are you talking about?"
Do you have some favorites?


  1. When English isn't your first language, you are not exposed to these on a daily basis.
    When hearing them first later in life, they are just weird!!

  2. I've heard all of yours and used many of them myself. It's too early in the morning for my brain to function well so I am offering none. I understand Elenka's comment on idioms because when our first wave of Hmong arrived in Minnesota, the cultural differences plus our idioms were very confusing and frustrating to them but kids caught on fast, tho.

  3. I've heard them all and I've used many of them myself like "back to square one" and "method to my madness". But, the "ass backwards" brought a smile to my face. My dad used to say that one often.

  4. Ass backwards-
    First time I heard it was from the lips of a Jesuit teaching Economics in HS. I'll never forget it.

  5. I don't know but I think this post was rigged!

  6. Beats me.
    Not rolled too tight.

  7. This, Mr. BM, is in re your comment on Ocala: Yessuh! When we's needs a drink, we jest shuffle on down to de crick and fills up our ol' water bottle. Then we's walks home to the Hysteric Distrik.

  8. You've captured most of the ones I use -- oh -- here is one -- great mind think alike -- with that I will sign off -- barbara

  9. Yep I think I've heard most of them. I like using them. They puctuate your point.

    By the by: I feel silly saying I had never heard of Cat Stevens until Bob mentioned that song which i had never heard of either. My head must be in the sand like an ostrich. haha

  10. Have you ever researched the origin of any of these? Saw a very interesting show on History of Nat Geo or one of those channels recently about the roots of American slang. You would have never guessed a lot of it.

  11. Cut to the chase is my favorite.

  12. I don't know what you're talking about.
    I like that 'loaded for bear.' Hadn't heard that one before.